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The more they censor and demonize us the more we become radicalized. They are literally waking up a sleeping giant and creating a self fulfilling prophecy of their own demise.

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extremists create their own enemies by their very nature...

But when you are surrounded by communist jew extremists, you must pick up the mantle of white nationalism or perish. The jew demands his death. It is up to us to fulfill his death wish with no mercy. End this oppression. Eliminate the cause once and for all. Dead jooz good jooz.

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Precisely. All I want for Christmas is a pile of dead jews who had it coming. Is that too much to ask?

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Exciting times.

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self fulfilling prophrsy when they whine anour nazi . They making them I think they want to be sent back to the ass of the team and then squeeze them out they know that they are listening I’ve seen shit but they’ll never stop they’re hell-bent on murder

Every single one is a backstabbing

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I wonder if tbat is not the goal.

[–] RCCollier ago 

It seems that way. An all out bloody racial war.

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  1. Only use the original poster design

  2. Do not vandalize, trespass or do anything illegal

  3. Put the posters and stickers on campuses, public streets and high visibility areas ; banner drops above highways are especially effective

  4. Wear a mask and costume, protect your identity and watch your back

  5. For extreme security leave your phone at home, wear gloves and trace the posters yourself with a marker instead of printing (though that is paranoid level security)

Do these posters work, are they effective? See for yourself:

2017 reactions

2018 reactions

2018 reactions part 2

2019 reactions

Giant spreadsheet with all media reactions so far

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I just want to highlight this:

leave your phone at home

People have been tracked by private businesses because their cell phones connected to public wifi. I've seen stories about students who put up these posters, and the school identified them because they had a phone in their possession and it logged into the school's network.

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And remember IF you use your own printer at home, the paper you print may have tracking dots that can be traced to you.

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Precisely. People, leave your NSA tracking device at home when you go out to do business. Or give it to a friend for the night.

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Do NOT have your phone set to automatically connect to trusted wifi. People can steal your shit

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  1. Only use the original poster design - jews will alter the design

  2. Do not vandalize, trespass or do anything illegal - jews will ignore this too

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remember: do nothing that matters in any capacity or which changes anything or which has any effect for any amount of time


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I'll post as many of these as I can at the center of what used to be CHAZ/CHOP.

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Why is this done only once per year?

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before this year, it was the only night you could wear a mask and costume and not look suspicious

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Poor excuse. Man the fuck up. It's not like you're out there killing jews and niggers, YOU'RE PUTTING POSTERS TO WALLS.

Man, if we have to rely on pussies like you, we're doomed.

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Imagine being so weak and pathetic that you’re afraid of asserting your right to exist because someone might see you.

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Make it your nickname in every game u play...then beat nigger ass mercilessly in that game. "It's ok to be WHITE" killed everybody yet again....

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It's my profile pic and cover pic on twatter

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On Rocket League if you set your name to it, it censors it out.

[–] Civil_Warrior ago 

L33t speech use your imagination sometimes you have to settle for n1gg3rk1ll3r

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It's okay to be on Voat.

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Imagine being so fucking weak and pathetic that you only assert your existence one day a year.

Imagine being so fucking weak and pathetic that you don’t actually assert your existence on that day.

Imagine being so fucking weak and pathetic that you don’t keep the posters up 24/7/365.

Imagine being so fucking weak and pathetic that you don’t immediately paste over any defaced or torn down poster.

Imagine confining your existence to only one night.

Imagine me being wrong for once in my fucking life.

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Take a look at the comments on the latest (((Hollywood))) blackening movie:


People are really starting to wake up. The DOTR may be closer than we realize.

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