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Man in the High Castle...it was supposed to be a look how awful it would have been if the US had lost WWII. Instead, the eastern half of the US looked like a utopia. Really rubbed it in that we were fighting on the wrong side.

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Is this show worth watching or just kike propaganda?

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It could have been amazing but no it's about Jews taking down Hitler

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Even the book was just some kike jeweler in SF bitching about the Japs for 300 pages and I love Phil K Dick.

If you are going to read PKD just pick up 'Do Anderiods Dream of Electric Sheep' instead (aka: blade runner). Or 'A Scanner Darkly' (an excellent and highly paranoid work about conspiracy and addiction and sanity)

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It's a Trojan horse. First season is good. But in later seasons they rewrite a main resistance character as a faggot, the lead Nazi has his bisexual nemesis killed by a man/woman pair of dancer hookers, and another head Nazi's daughter turns out to be a closet lesbian.

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No. The opening looks awesome with a large commercial supersonic airliner but the actual show is just a bunch of loose knitt dialogue.

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I’m the right kind of retarded. I bet you’re the left kind of retarded arnt you.

[–] Kike_Slayer_88 2 points 33 points (+35|-2) ago 

Hitler was and still is right.


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Someday, all of us who have German descent should return to the Fatherland. I think Europe is where we will make our final stand, not America. Europe is the traditional home of the White race.

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No. We will remake the fatherland here. America is supposed to be the collective second home of all Europeans with intact enclaves of each nation's own cultures.

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Unfortunately their immigration policy makes it very difficult for white and very easy for muslim "refugees"

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Fully agreed.

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I left over 20 years ago, it was already turning into Niggerstan. Now it must be unrecognizable.

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You know I wouldn’t have questioned the holocaust narrative if these dumb kikes didn’t make it illegal to question it in so many places. You wanna throw up a big red flag, make it illegal to deny something happen. I ain’t never heard of nothin else like that. Kikes will die their day is coming. It will be well deserved. They couldn’t just fuck off.

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The closest we could come to a utopia.

Badass uniforms as well.

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One could even call them Boss!

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It's funny actually, this gets thrown around like the "you can't reload a Garand" myth.

Boss didn't design the uniforms, it was two men either under him or had some relation to Boss, but it wasn't Boss himself. They just manufactured them.

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"Those Nazi uniforms? Huuuugoooo Boooossssss!!"

"Shut. Up."

"Swear to God."

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Paid for by Zionists, great idea!

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"But tacos are so good!, and my wife should be able to get plowed by blacks before she settles down with me" -some cuck democrat

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Cucked democrat? That sounds like republicans and Q faggots right now.

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That picture is absolutely beautiful.

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I don't know why but a wholesome nuclear family filled with love is a Jew's worst nightmare.

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Because it is a strength that cannot be broken. Such a family creates great people with intellect, drive, and passion. Hence why everything they do is aimed at subverting such.

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The best of the goyim should be killed is not just an idle threat, it is literally their plan.

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Love this picture....

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Hopefully one day that will be a reality.

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