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Commies hate food

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They've never consumed food so they don't know how good it really is

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And common sense I guess. The core of their misguided argument is for equality across the board and workers rights... so they destroy the equipment of America’s workers.

Someone should tell them Hitler standardized 40 hour work weeks and paid vacation.

Communism is nothing but evil intentions wrapped in a lie of social justice fed to young people too ignorant of life yet to see the ruse. The orchestrators know the purpose and intent. True evil.

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Communism is a jewish ploy to manipulate the masses into attacking their own brethren to install jewish hegemony.

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We need militias to organize and begin defending farmer's property. Laws on the books that allow militias to kill on sight anyone attempting to destroy their property.

This isn't just stuff. Farmer's equipment IS lives. No food, no life. It's pretty simple.

Fuck around with a combine and find out.

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Death squads to physically remove commies.

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Defending isn't going to cut it.

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Organizations are easily infiltrated and subverted. Militias need to remain decentralized.

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Organizations are easily infiltrated and subverted. Militias need to remain decentralized.

On the contrary, it seems like a paradox but the larger the militia is the harder it should be to take down.

Look how hard they had to work to take don the alaska militia with schaeffer cox.

Its the same reason they didn't do anything at virginia gun rally or bundy ranch. The larger a group of gun owners the less likely the federal lawyers-with-guns will start a shoot out with citizens.

In the case of the militia you end up having more credible witnesses, a larger variance of opinions that can reasonably called out so they can't mischaracterize your org as "all wackos" (like their informants are), it brings more legal resources, more publicity.

Safety isn't in anonymity. Safety is in numbers and publicity.

Don't be the 'michigan wolverines'

Be the 3 percenters.

Highly visible. Constantly recruiting.

You know why they can't take down patriots prayer so easily? Or the three percenters?

A lot of it is former soldiers and law enforcement.

It would immediately show the FBIs anti-american war-on-2A for exactly that and alienate the very people they claim to protect.

In fact all anyone would have to do to split law enforcement is take an organization like 3 percenters, and provoke the FBI with incendiary comments into persecuting them over and beyond the line, and it would permanently cement a number of law enforcement and soldiers on our side.

First you demoralize.

Then you disrupt beliefs.

Then you offer the solution and recruit.

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Attacking farmers has got to be one of the biggest indicators of absolute moral and intellectual decay.

Just goes to show you how completely out of touch and retarded these soy boy faggots really are.

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Yeah. The farmer was probably growing wheat, I do wonder if they'll attack the soy production.

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Moral decay, based on YOUR values. They value equality, and so they deeply, deeply believe they are doing good in the world and you are evil. It's all about what you value. The problem with commies is they don't keep to themselves. They absolutely insist on violence. All values are subjective, but some values inevitably lead to bad outcomes for everyone.

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My values? What like needing to eat food?

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Also one of the most idiotic.

Get in range, bud. The rural police won't look too hard for your body.

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This isn't what you think it is. These commies are agents of the NWO who are doing this to bring about disruption of the food supply at the source so we can enter the next phase of Agenda 21. With attacks on farms, the NWO will bring about massive food shortages and famines and people will be forced into eating that fake meat (impossible burgers and shit) or bug-based foods created by the jews to humiliate and demoralize the goyim as they continue thier plan to enslave us completely. These agents need to be taken out on sight as they are messing with our vital food supply. This is war and we cannot sit idly by any longer. Fuck the joos and their globalist agenda.

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I ain't going to be forced into shit. I grow my own veg and can hunt and fish for my own meat. They can shove their soy and their bug burgers right up their ugly kike asses.

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That all sounds fine until you realize other people also know how to hunt and fish... then the food dries up.

This sort of mentality will end up destroying us. "Oh, I am/will be good, fuck the rest of you!"

Why not actively work to help your own?

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Right in the middle of harvest season too.

The fire destroyed a combine, two trucks and trailers filled with grain, a tractor, and a grain cart.

Combines often run near constant this time of year, meaning his friends and neighbors will have to find what little window of opportunity they have to help him harvest. They'll often be driving the combine starting early morning, and stop well after dark.

Thankfully, he'll still be able to harvest his crops, although lots of the grain appears to be burnt or dropped on the ground. Unfortunately, that equipment is not cheap to replace.

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No, that's pretty much what I thought.

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When they strike small town Nebraska, it really drives the point home that we need to get our shit in GEAR. They will not stop!

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What has the Zognald done to protect his supporters? I dont know why people risk themselves to support that fraud.

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Naive idiots stuck in their bubble that are fatally unaware of the world.

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prepare for the worst. now.

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I thought Americans were armed and wouldn't take any of this shit?

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Sneak attack.

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Ok so where are the armed Americans gathering to retaliate against such an attack in their home soil... ?

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