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Literally 95% of youtube ads have niggers. No that’s not an exaggeration, I don’t understand how normies don’t ask questions. The most on the nose commercial was this Samsung one with a nigger family (funny how in every commercial the nigger has a dad and they are upper middle class and are able to afford shit like electronic smart fridges and washing machines) watching TV and the dad is reading some stereotypical 1950s book for housewives with a white lady on the front, you know the style. This particular commercial was about some washing machine you can control from your phone or something. The dad just throws the book to the side and it’s title is something like “how to be the perfect housewife” and is like mocking it as he does so and then turns on his washing machine from his phone. The propaganda is so fucking obvious once you can see it. Not only are the mocking US history from the past, they are mocking gender roles and just by having niggers throw the book to the side like that shitting on whites too. I hate kikes so much.

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disinfo is an act of war and the kike media needs to be killed for it literally.

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And faggots. I was watching a B movie about the sun dying out and the entire cast was white. Sounds awesome, right? About 2/3 through the movie, the faggots showed up. My nigger fatigue and faggot fatigue are racing to the finish.

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I watched this low budget movie that seemed really strange.

The tone and the editing were uneven. Like it went from very light hearted to super heavy subjects in a sort of jarring way and the ending felt like they didn't have enough time to finish editing the film.

The most absolutely weird part of the experience was the total lack of any diversity or politics. It was just totally absent like it wasn't even a thing. I was thinking "like what is up with this weird frickin movie?"

So I looked it up and it was made by a 16 year old. Suddenly it all made sense. He was just trying to figure out how to do writing and editing and did it all on his own.

One of the side effects of that was that there were no adults making him shoe horn in propaganda.

Title was "The Unearthing".

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I hadn't watched generic television in over three years, no exaggeration. I don't even own a TV. I was over at my folk's home and while sitting down with them I watched a little. Every commercial seemed to have either a black husband to a white woman, a gay couple, or some other degenerate type of thing in them. I don't want to see that shit and I know there are millions like me. The idea for this country to split grows stronger everyday and I pray I get to see it.

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The only recent exception I can think of is Christopher Nolan's 2017 film "Dunkirk"

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There were still shitskins on the dock when the two protagonists come up and try to get on the ship, if you look closely. Likely “colonial troops” but niggies all the same

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And commercials.

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Up until about 15 years ago there were commercials that were all white and some that were all black for low end products like McDonalds. You never saw mixed race couples and almost never saw mixed race groups. Note how the all black ad is now considered racist for some reason.

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Its racist because the black people are acting gentrified instead of like animals so it is a misrepresentation of niggers.

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Yeah, but the token nigger (SOMETIMES even voiced by a WHITE man (Peter Griffin Show)) was somewhat tolerable. I've noticed looking back, that the introduced the shitty taste GRADUALLY. then suddenly BLAMO! ALMOST ALL Niggers and fags and feminists, ONLY white men are BUFFOONS now. Utter DREK about ultra rich niggers in INTELLECTUAL positions.

Wishes/dreams/fantasies are NOT realities. EVERY rich nigger, I"d guess, has a JEW business director/manager/advisor/agent I BET.

The ONLY way niggers get to wealth is by being ELITE PARASITES (celebrities, athletes, pitch man (after "career" is over).

They now have sports niggers I've never even HEARD of, as spokespersons for various obscure SHIT (eg dick drugs) on TV!

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The nigger is used to decide the white race dilute the DNA and weaken it and the like will take money from the likes of the Chinese to exercise that power against us. Hence the hook nose needs to go. The kike is the root of all evil against whites

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Race Replacement. It's exhausting.

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