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What I find interesting is that communism is somehow allowed to flourish despite repeated failures.

National Socialism was tried once and was so immediately successful that it took half the world to take her down and was never allowed to be tried again since.

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It's illegal to show national socialist symbolism in most countries, let that sink in.

You can openly worship Satan, you can openly say you will kill anyone who draws a picture of Muhammed, but saying you support national socialism lands you in PRISON.

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Because it is a system free of Jewish control

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If you are a lazy worthless idiot, communism sounds like a ticket to success after a life of total failure. Notice how antifa is staffed exclusively with complete fucking losers at life to the point that some of the men have decided they are women in the hopes of possibly succeeding as a transgender prostitute. People so worthless they will sell their asshole for a beer are your communists. Our jew run schools have been training the talented and the valuable to be ashamed of themselves and for the mindless louts that should be executed celebrated and praised and worse, instructed to kill the only hope this country has: white males that excel in academics...never has there been a darker hour for such MEN. Thanks jews!! PAYBACK IS A BITCH KIKES!!!!

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That's exactly what these clowns are. They think that if communism is successfully enacted, that they will be above their current station of being the bottom of the barrel in society.

It really puts things into perspective when several people I know, who are talented in their own right, through grit and hard work, are passed over, bullied, and utterly demonised - for utter degenerate scum who parade around like attention whoring trash. Take a look at pretty much anything these days in society - the only ones who are really recognised are said attention whoring trash, or you might find someone who is truly exceptional and somehow manages to push through all of the passing over/bully tactics/being demonised and still manages to reach the top - though this is quite rare.

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Notice how antifa is staffed exclusively with complete fucking losers at life ...

You can't not notice it.

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Don't forget Libya's successful experiment with national socialism, and what that got them.

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We came, we saw he died hehehehehe.

Those evil fuckers murdered the best hope that Africa had of some semblance of civilization.

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This is why violence works as is the most effective path to power. Being above violence is a sign of moral weakness and just shows conservatives believe in nothing or they believe exactly the same things liberals do. "Democrats are the real racists" is the admission that conservatives are not only liberal, they see themselves as more liberal than Democrats.

Inb4 pacifist faggots screech muh fed/glownigger a sand nigger chops off the head of a French man, niggers burn down the country, and more Boers are arrested today while cucked deradicalizers like jason kohne from NWG, TRS and etc focus on optics, pacifism, and winning over the apathetic normies. Extremism is the answer. War is the answer.


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Organization, discipline, solidarity is the answer. We must practice these three things. Once we reestablish them in our community we can be effective regardless of the tactics we use. Violence is not the only weapon. There are economic and social tools we can implement as well. We must acheive those things first.

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Organization, discipline, solidarity is the answer.

Then why are we all anonymous?

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The most important thing, IMO. If you're standing happily with your people, there's so much that can be accomplished. It starts there.

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Organizations are easily infiltrated and subverted. I think I'm not going to be taking advice that puts men's lives on the line from a woman, thanks.

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James Mason was right

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Violence is merely the most overt way of setting harsh, unyielding boundaries and discipline. There are other ways to do so - but if those fail, violence is necessary.

The reason that most degenerates these days are degenerates - is because they never got those boundaries set as children, and have since grown up thinking they can behave however the fuck they like - when they should have gotten beaten as children for being loud mouthy shits.

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It's the will of god, we are gods chosen people, the kikes tried subverting god himself.

"fellow whites"... makes me puke.

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Was there a new beheading event or is this the old one?

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A new one. A teacher showed mahamed cartoons in class, so obviously the same thing to do was cut his head off like a savage.

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France seems to have the biggest Muslim violence - like with the terror attack that left over 100 dead. Got the pics that were shown anyone?

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Did France give the be-header of peace state honors instead of arresting him?

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makes me a little sick listening to owen benjamin talk about how good muslims are. he has gone to far on this one

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Owen is a typical subversive kike.

[–] MidnightStar ago 

Breaking Benjamin ?

[–] Doglegwarrior ago 

lol. nice name for a podcast that edposes when big bear is totaly wrong. he would call me a gamma but I know enough and have watches enough of him to do a very good job of breaking benjamin as you so elequantly put it.

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If he wasn't showing how stupid he really is, he could have said how good Hindu's are, and that it sucks for those people to live in the same place as muslim filth.

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its the jews.

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I speculate that white supremacists being the #1 target is a ruse, but then again, the government is really that stupid sometimes.

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Julius Streicher, cartoonist, was also executed for making comics. Except he made his about Jews

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