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You must realize that 95% of people are lemmings who follow whatever orders they are given by the ruling party.


These lemmings would follow us were we in power. They choose the path of least resistance.

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Don't wear them.

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Leftists are so anxious, they are the ones who wear masks.

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Because the big, bad orange man is still President. Once the democrats take back control, the deadly plague will magically disappear.

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They feel apart of something bigger than themselves for the first time and if you dare try to take that away from them, they "rebel"

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I went to visit someone in a nursing home recently. There was a sign in sheet and a box of masks in the main entrance. Above the masks was a sign saying 'visitors must wear masks'. I disregarded it and went straight in. Inside none of the staff were wearing masks and I just smiled at them all and said hello to each one in turn. They all smiled back and greeted me also.

While sitting in the common room visiting the person I had come to see a few female visitors appeared wearing masks and when they looked at me I smiled back at them and greeted them too. They left and came back a few minutes later with the person they had come to see and all were smiling, happy and not wearing masks.

[–] BoraxTheFungarian ago  (edited ago)

They're killing us and dumbing us down with things like sucrose acetate isobutyrate or similarly derived chemical compunds... Chlorates in the water, methylated conpounds in your shampoo, fire retardants in your couches AND cigarettes... and the spraying of aerosolized Barium, Strontium and Aluminum particles. We stopped following our hearts and guts and began to follow a filthy group of sneaksters who are now poisoning us slowly so we do not die quickly but remain addled, sickened slaves. They first had to seperate our love of God, then our love of nature. Now it will be our love for each other that they attsmpt to remove. When that is done, we will be truly alone.

[–] Razory ago 

Chemtrail smog.

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