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All this talk about ballot harvesting, people need to be reminded of the "Battle of Athens".


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I have read the entire wiki. I live in TN. so it interested me. I have shared this quote before, it is in the last paragraph in the "aftermath" section----"We abolished one machine only to replace it with another and more powerful one in the making."

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I was about to comment the same thing!

holy shit times have changed, men no longer feel like they have autonomy. Just demoralized citizens with no ownership of their community.

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Multiculturalism deters the sense of ownership one has towards their community.

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When autistic teenagers get arrested for 'offensive' posts online, then yes, people tend to get demoralized.

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Interesting read - will fuel the left since the guy's name was "Crump".

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Except that the battle of Athens turned out to be a win for the jews. Reference what happened at the end...

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Nice demoralization

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This only becomes necessary in the first place when finance is controlled by massive jewish banks with no investment in the community.

Historically situations like this was handled less disruptively though fraternal societies, basically life/health insurance except that everyone paying in personally knows each other, so there's less opportunity for sponging, or some jewish executive not wanting to pay out.

Loans were also typically handled through small local savings and loans institutions. So the loan for your farm came from a guy who knew how much you earned and if you could pay it back. The capital came from another guy in the community and the interest paid another guys' pension.

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White Western civilization built beautiful inter-reliant communities, with thriving small businesses, and healthy, fresh local food and nutrition.

The jew has taken all of that and smeared shit + faggot degeneracy all over it, while folks suffer on a daily basis.

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It's probably not helpful to romantisise too much: We also built some pretty feculant cities and food practices that would land you in jail today. In general you're probably right though.

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The Jews got involved with banking because prohibitions against usury applied to Christians but did not apply to Jews. This was more with nobility and royalty and not the commoner. They were called a court Jew or court factor. Guess what the patriarch of the Rothschild started out as.

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Originally yes, also their involvement in goldsmithing meant they had enough capital to underwrite loans. I'm referring more to their takeover of retail banking from the 1930s on.

Fraternal societies were also shitcanned around the turn of the century by (((Roosevelt))) in favour of federal welfare programs. He was pissed off that whites were mostly preferring to organise their communities along ethnic lines whereas he wanted more of a melting pot.

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Allodial Title. Go read about it. It is constitutional land ownership.

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Great in theory, but what is legal is not what is written in the law, it's what's enforced. Who is enforcing your allodial title and can they defeat the army that's enforcing your eviction?

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That's what I'm finding. Judges are simply saying it doesn't matter, it's taxable, all state laws apply.

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That's why nothing but Boogaloo will solve this countries problems. Our government is beyond corruption and voting does shit.

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Quick checks shows it never existed in the US, except for government, and would always be subject to eminent domain. Additionally there is no process or writ to obtain such a title. Likewise, only found scam artists implying they can provide this service for a fee.

Please explain further because what I've found says it's bullshit.

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Land patent is the US thing you need.

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Alloidial title would be great, but you can't mortgage your land and refuse to vacate if you default.

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They can take your property and land without a mortgage. It's called property tax and people lose their homes to foreclosure all the time.

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Jews have created a system (fiat) and educated everyone in such a way that people end up in debt when they shouldn't and end up losing everything.

Under a fair system I might be more inclined with what you are saying.

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The question is how does one obtain alloidal title?

I have searched for years and never actually seen anyone do it.

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Doing it is a thing... DEFENDING IT is the trick. I there is mentuon of it in the 'I am Rofschild axe me a question' document. It is a constitutional argument as well. It says you can not be deprived of life or property without DUE COMPENSATION. That means they can buy it from you but can't take it.


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So this is what gets to the front page now? The Twitter poster is an actual communist. As in, linking to CPUSA, China-supporting communist. Hes not posting this because he supports allodial land titles. He's posting this because its the "proletariat" rising up against the bourgoise. This scum gets lined up with the rest of them.

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Are you saying we should not be aware of what the commies are discussing?

Why are you trying to block us from monitoring your commie friends?

Why are you defending them?

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One of the things I hate most about the recent rise in communism is how much I've had to learn about their philosophies. Instead of learning a bit about an old failed ideology and how it failed, I now have to contend with millions of morons actively advocating for it, whether they know it or not.

I just wanted to live a life of quiet peace after my service to the country ended. Now we have commies fucking everywhere.

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Not at all. But thats not the messaging here. The messaging is "look at the proletariat getting rid of those evil bourgoise!" With a bunch of upvoats, indicating agreement. No one is calling out the communists for being the scum they are.

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It's like a broken clock. They won't be wrong every time.

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Back when men were men and traitors and thieves got the bullet.

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and corrupt officials were ran out of town... at best

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Yep if they were lucky

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Now a sheriff wouldn't show up alone they'd bring the swat team to evict the little old lady.

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Step 1: shoot her poodle

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flashbang in baby crib. score!

[–] boekanier ago 

now you wouldn't find any farmers, men enough, to do it

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Sheriff working on behalf of jewish bankers.

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We need to go back.

[–] StBlops2cel_is_Lord ago 

If I could...1933 Germany.

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