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1971 August 15th - "President Richard Nixon announces that the United States will no longer convert dollars to gold at a fixed value, effectively ending the Bretton Woods system."

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What happened in 1913 is more important by far. The events of 1913 lead to what happened in 1971.

Everyone should read "The creature from Jekyll Island"

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The Federal Reserve, established in 1913, controls the world economy with its petrodollar system by 1971.

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He had to, Ft Knox was rapidly being emptied by foreigners (only non usa citizens and non USA banks could request gold).

France collected us dollars from all nations they could locate and then submitted paper dollars to USA for GOLD at merely 35 dollars an ounce

35 dollars a fucking ounce in 1971!!!

The real value was far higher and France was fucking over USA hard, so Nixon put an end to it. No one could convert, not just non usa banks, not even france.

The real value in January 14, 1980 was over 800 dollars an ounce, from money printing since the 1930s.

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france aka rothschild manor. even Macron worked for them - openly!

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A whole pile of stuff, all of which made life worse for people who work for a living.

Feminism happened. A bunch of women moved into the workforce. Suddenly two-income households became the expected norm.

Nixon happened. I don't think he's as bad a president as he's made out to be! But he definitely wasn't good for the economy.

The USA went off the gold standard. The government was free to print dollars whenever it wanted, and it did.

There's other pieces too, but these are some of the major ones.

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Tech as well. Automation costs pennies on the dollar compared to unskilled labor

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Also the immigration act started the destruction of the correct value for the american working man, and the great society programs all raised the tax burden on the working class.

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The "?" is really not necessary.

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You mean jews. Never capitalize that or anything referring to it.

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This is when the Globohomo Empire took control of the USA.

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The reason boomers objectively had everything easier but think it was just hard work. Women started working, gold standard removed, hart caller immigration act just 6 years before. Outsourced all of our factories to china. But we have cell phones now! Younger generations literally got fucked. Working in a factory right out of high school in the 70s was like purchasing power equivalent of $25 an hour now. Also housing, school and healthcare are all more expensive too. Just pull up your bootstraps son!

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The US dollar went full fiat with nothing left tethering its value to reality.

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1971 is the year they started identifying how individual members of congress voted. Before then, it was a secret ballot. Before 1971 congressmen could lie to their donors about which way they voted. After 1971 they had to obey their masters.

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yes people think open voting is good! no it is fucking terrible because the fucking scum bags now can show a reciept for the millions of dollars their votes are worth, before they could hide and possible vote correctly vote for america for the people they are representing... not after this bullshit it was game over lobbyist won

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Legislative Reorganization Act of 1970 (passed on October 26, 1970). Unheard of in any current political discussion, this act of Congress has produced endless avenues for lucrative lobbying of special interest groups.

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Thanks for posting this. I totally forgot the name of it and haven't been able to find this video for years.

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Isn’t this also the time they changed the IQ for retardation from 80 to 70 effectively putting dumb niggers into regular schools with the rest of us?

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