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That never happened.

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Fuck all of them.

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Another American here. I'm sorry man, I really am. My grandpa fought on the wrong side. I know I'm just a stranger on the internet, but what your people went through is one of the most regrettable things in all history.

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As an American, please understand how fucking terrible I feel about what my ancestors did to your beautiful people and country. I am so sorry.

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Fucking sucks knowing the truth after being fooled most my life. My American grandpa fought against the Nazis and was German decent. Came back and told my family we fought for the wrong side but mostly fell on deaf ears until now. The Americans are now experiencing their Weimar moment so more people than ever are waking up. Sorry for everything that's happened...

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American here with a grandfather who fought in WW2 (near Japan though). I believe we are experiencing the karma of being on the wrong side of the war. I'm really sorry about all the suffering of the Germans- that shit was awful.

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Regardless of how much you might hate jews, that doesn't even sound fun, or worth the effort to do something so specifically strange. If you want to kick children, you can just kick the kids around. A body in a soccer ball covering would not be an enjoyably functional soccer ball. You ever try to enjoy a lumpy or deflated ball?

That's something you might try once for evil shits and giggles, and after trying to cram them in there, or after a few kicks, you'd stop and think 'we'll this wasn't worth it at all. This is just kicking kids with a shit ton of extra steps.'

[–] grantorino43 ago 

This sounds like something Jews would do. They like to make spectacles of everything. Always being theatrical etc. It sounds like projection to me.

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And I thought I heard of everything regarding the holohoax. It's right up there with death matches with eagles/bears, lampshades and human soap.

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They can say whatever they want because you are unpersoned in the US and imprisoned in Europe if you say otherwise. They will be victims or else.

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Put this story up against the Holocoaster in a Holotales title fight.

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Is there a subverse for wacky Holocaust stories like this?

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It was a tournament that happened on v/HDLunited

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I also like the story of the wolf feeding the jew who broke out of camp.

Oh, and the masturbation machines that jerked off jews to death.

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I ALREADY did before this was posted! A day ago, and it only earned one upvote up to this minute.

See? :


if you have better than that, post your holohoax tales.

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why is it whenever i hear these jew stories i just picture them happening in a loony toons/ tom and jerry cartoon world?

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Because that's the only way these crazy made up stories could happen.

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Literally the first thing I thought was that this sounds like some looney toons bullshit lol.

I'm pretty sure you'd break your foot trying to kick a baby around like that.

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They really jumped the Kike with this one

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They will say ANYTHING. Has anyone ever seen or tried to kick a child? They do not have the same aerodynamics of an inflated soccer ball.

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Has anyone ever seen or tried to kick a child? They do not have the same aerodynamics of an inflated soccer ball.

Can confirm.

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Exactly. Fill a ball with water and try to kick it. That would be the worst soccer game ever.

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Jews aren't known for their athleticism. The author probably never kicked a ball of any sort.

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im not sure if i read it somewhere or if it's true, but i heard that even german soldiers who raped civilian women were severely punished for the most part with the exception being under those "degenerate squads" that they used as cannon fodder. i think about that and assuming it's true, why would the germans have even done that if they were just going to kick heebs around a field?

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Because the Germans were the good guys.

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I heard it too, probably here, of French civilians witnessing German soldiers executing their own for sexual harassment and abuse of French civilian women.

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Shoal Goal!!!!

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If this sport were still around today then I would be a world champion. Mark my words.

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