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So crazy how these totally opposing religions all have this weird thing in common. It's like it's all made up.

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Properly infiltrated and subverted organizations for sure!

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Haha funny anti-christian haha kike on stick haha

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[–] LibertarianForChrist ago 

The religion? No. Absoultely not. The modern jew-run church powers? Yes.

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Christcuckery summed up in one picture.

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Out of the frying pan of Talmudic legalism and into the fire of Roman legalism.

WTF is the difference?

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Fuck Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

[–] jwade89 ago 

Such foolishness. They don't realise they have been inviting the wolves in with the sheep.

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His first choice was to be a Mohel.


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He's THE master jew.

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A Jewsuit if you will.

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Or, as I like to say, kike.

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That's christianity after communist, jewish and masonic infiltration.

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Because Christianity is cucked and universal just like communism. It’s easy as fuck to subvert as we’ve seen.

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keep trying schlomo

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fuck christianity just as much as judaism.

both are utter bullshit followed by weak minded fuckwits.

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Get back to your pagan roots, fren.

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I literally just try to look back into our history before jews and can't find very much at all while being accused of larping as someone who worships deities. I don't give a fuck about gods and deities, I just want to see how our ancestors thought and wrote and lived to see what they were really about. I call them "they" even though they're me. That's not normal, no other races have to deal with that shit.

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I think I saw a south park episode that told me it all has to do with rabbits.

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Christianity is a cuckold for judaism

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