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Absolute QUALITY

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We need more of this. Relevant.

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That's a good one, thanks!

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This is amazing hahaha

[–] Ave_Satanas ago 

I'd love to see the source article for that image at 11 seconds in

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Absolute QUALITY

+6 gorillion

[–] minx88 ago 

Carilion is a very good word because they are gorillas and that’s including the Jew did you only looks right because they blended with whites in the Barbary slave trade yes they had white slaves so did the Muslims and it was the turks that juice which are talks that blended with whites in order to get weights little bit way to skin and even though landing with us since that time to get blue eyes and blond hair to manipulate and two to infiltrate and backstab but the Jews are nothing but Middle Eastern shit skins

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we're at the point now where if it isn't a clint eastwood or mel gibson movie i just assume it's kikes

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and this is why i've stopped watching all that shit--i'm not even boycotting; kikes are simply too dumb to come up with anything original or interesting

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There is a vast amount of quality content in old films, music, and especially books. Be wary though, the subversion is everywhere and it has been going on longer than any one of us can remember.

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This. They lack the devine gift of God to create beauty.

[–] minx88 ago 

Yes that’s true you’re right they’re never original or interesting look at the end of the flag same one since the 30s look at the attempting to release criminals the same thing as a the Russian revolution Is communist faggot propaganda posters are the same as the LGBT shit

Jews are not original they are thieves and scammers and copycats and they take credit for other peoples work like Einstein the plagiarist you’re not smart at all they don’t have a high IQ they’re still primates like the monkey but they have blood with ways to look white but they are nothing but Arab shit skins

And they do nothing but scam and steal and pathological liar like the fake holocaust but the thing is that you cannot allow these cake pieces of shit to get away with trying to a race white history with black deformed ass ugly stinkijg retard Nager’s.

We have to boycott them don’t watch this shit anymore stop watching Netflix stop watching which is also pedophilia with this cutie should stop watching BBC stop watching any channel that has all the Jews putting blacks as European figures because blacks were still naked with spears a smearing shit everywhere when we were building castles.

Africans cannot ever build their own thing they did not even have the wheel before the whites came they cannot make make a plane they cannot make a boat even the Jews can’t do anything they always get the whites to do it and I will stop doing that stop working for the Jew stop watching anything that did you makes stop going to any restaurant where there is Nager’s because it’s usually ownee by a jew And by the way Muslims in knickers put shit in the food and drinks so don’t go anywhere where there is a certain any black working there especially not a Muslim or on the Jews poison people to like Bill Gates so they need to be finished so stop watching this shit boycott them because if you continue to allow this to happen they will parasite and leech and poison and parasite in Leech and poison and murdered children stop giving your money to the Jew stop allowing it make them go bankrupt

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Ha me too!

And so far this method works great.

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I can't think of the last movie that I have watched... Fuck all of that industry

[–] minx88 ago 

Stop watching films stop watching those shows that are giving the award shows stop watching any films that come from Hollywood to stop .let the theaters close down. And watch the Jews scramble to try to put more whites in the shows because they realize they’re gonna lose shekels.

Watch did you pretend to be humble but that is a fucking lie they are two-faced schizophrenic rats and they will always do victimhood and pretend to be submissive and humble but they will always be the back stabber people need to learn this real quick

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The last American director

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I arrived here naive. Had no problem with the Jews, they seemed nice enough.

I'm ready to fire up the ovens again. Wtf!

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I arrived here naive. Had no problem with the Jews, they seemed nice enough. I'm ready to fire up the ovens again. Wtf!


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Praise Amalek, he died for our sins.

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Same here, I'll admit I don't know anything about jews, I have one question though, exactly why are they trying to force multicultural shit on us ?

[–] CuckleberryFinn 0 points 17 points (+17|-0) ago 

It reduces cohesiveness among other established races and cultures making them easier to conquer.

[–] LibertarianForChrist 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago 

Short answer: Their book, the talmud, tells them to.

Long answer: The are jealous of white accomplishments and beauty. Literally be around one for a little bit and you will be able to tell. They are massively inbred due to a Roman emperor almost killing them off. That gives them genetic traits such as paranoia and narcissism. They have no country, only subversion of others. So close yet so far.

They hate Christ, who took away their elitist power and gave it to anyone who believed in him. White people are overwhelmingly Christian.

They think of us (all non-jew humans) as cattle, and the jews are the only ones worthy of the afterlife. They see white people as the biggest threat to their world domination, hence they want to eliminate us. This is in order to enslave the rest of the world like cattle and bring about their one world order under moloch (their god).

[–] minx88 ago 

Because they want to do white genocide just look at their tower mode or just do the research on the Internet on bitch shoot about the talmood

Watch the videos on Jewish ritual murder

When you see about the Talmud you will see what they really are and yes every single one of them think this way it is demonic and because they are pathological liars and two-faced scheming thieving that is why they are not to be trusted.Because they play victim hood while stabbing you in the back because I like antifa they swarm you like rats and then hit you from behind and then again cry victim hood that’s why people hate them that’s why they are so vile because they rape children murder and torture them like Podesta because they want to poison And murder and trackpeople like gates

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I'm not wasting a bunch of energy firing up the ovens. We already know it didn't work during ww2. They've outlined their kalergi plan, why not just take their plan and use it against them? Subvert them, drop their fertility, and have them self-select out.

[–] crazy_eyes 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago 

you must eradicate parasites

[–] minx88 ago 

Although you have a good idea of dropping their fertility that’s very good idea.Mix the blacks with the Jews oh wait they are already that they are the same shit

There needs to be other ways and self select out yes turn their own game around on them

[–] minx88 ago 

yeah well they actually didn’t do that in the World War II that was a lie everyone does at the holocaust is a lie with the Jews they use that because he wanted to give because Hitler want to get rid of the New World order and he wanted to get the Jews to stop their Usery and free us from the parasite that is the Jew but it’s into inquisition that scared them because it’s a burn the Jew is what needs to be they do need to be put in the ovens they need to be tortured like what they did children they do to the children like podesta and Hillary and did you jack the ripper because ofJewish ritual murder which were they were kicked out numerous times because of but it’s not gonna work kicking them out doesn’t work putting them in a work camp doesn’t work you’re right they need to be burned the only way to get rid of these demons is to burn them because look at holodomor that’s the real holocaust That’s the Jews projecting their shit using victimhood and blame shifting and guilt tripping and gaslighting all the psychological war tactics transparent when she find amount they need to be finished because they will never stop now they brought their muscles and Nager hordes debris like cockroaches and murder innocent women and children there’s no war and the only way to stop these subhuman demons which is what did you eat it is not a human Muslims and blacks are not human stop thinking that stop being surprised at their bad behavior stop thinking that they’re human they are daemonic shit and the only way to get rid of these things because they will never stop and I will only get worse and worse and worse as you can see that thatOnly way to get rid of them is to burn them the only way to get rid of evil is to burn it the Talmud you need to burn the crowd need to burn did you Muslim Nager follow that yes every single one of them oh that some blacks will pretend to be Christian and some juice will pretend to be Christian but that’s a fucking lie and if you’d like one of these fucking things live they will come back into the same shit again as I have done century after century

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this is freaking great

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Well done

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everywhere in film, look up and search everyone involved in Sausage Party for instance. It's all jews and family except for the asian company that did the animation. look up any movie same results

[–] WD_Pelley 0 points 12 points (+12|-0) ago 

Sausage Party

Only a goblin could take a wholesome concept like VeggieTales and subvert it into garbage.

[–] Meme_Factory_1776 1 point 1 point (+2|-1) ago 

I didn't even watch 8 minutes of it and deleted it. Told people not to use my link for buying but if they did buy to be sure to use my link.

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Buy what?

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High quality see you on the front page TOOT TOOT!

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I can't do it anymore. Entertainment is supposed to be escapism. All of a sudden there's a black person standing out like a sore thumb and it takes me out of it.

I was giving another show a chance- this one about a family in the Appalacian mountains and the crime syndicate they have going on up there (not sure if that's what it's about, I had to stop watching). They throw a black girl into the movie and she has this scene where she gets upset at the name 'Coon Hollow' and all of a sudden I'm having a lecture on racism in the middle of this show about West Virginia hillbillies. No more entertainment. It's bad enough that they pounded fake racial bullshit into me for years in school, now I have to sit through it on my own time.

It's so bad I question any black person on any show. It could be a documentary on Mike Tyson and I'd wonder why they have so many black people. I hit my peak a while ago, just please stop sticking black people in fucking everything.

[–] EAT_MY_ASS_FUCKFACE 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago 

It's only getting worse. Since this stupid fucking BLM bullshit fired up again, it's like everything you see & hear is from a nigger. Even shit like Pandora, where there is just someone talking in an ad, you can tell it's a fucking nigger.

[–] CuckleberryFinn 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

No shit. Every fucking ad I see now has niggers in it.

[–] DamonAxemaker 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

At it's core it's a fetish

[–] minx88 ago 

yep the Jews want to put the knickers in so that they push miscegenation but the idea of a Nager being in European history is a fucking joke because blacks have no frontal lobe or and have a IQ of 50 to 70 which is clinical retardation so they could not to do any kind of building of castles or anything of society because when we were doing these things knickers were still naked with spears sitting in their own shit not even able to invent the wheel but the Jews don’t care they know that the Nager‘s is retarded but they just keep wanting to do Do you have blacks in this bullshit Hollywood films or BBC bullshit films in order to try to erase we are P in history but it’s fucking ridiculous I mean look at his account talking about slavery well that was in what they brought them here and then on the ships in the 18 century and there’s thinking they’re trying to say that Jonah Vark which was in the 13th century no Knigge is a sub species of monkeys they were sitting in the spring their own shit when we were building castles it’s impossible so stop watching these shows immediately boycott them make them go bankrupt make thejew go bankrupt

Let the theater is close stop giving money to the Jew Hollywood stop giving money to the BBC or any shows that put blacks anywhere or juice for that fact and watch how quickly did you start backtracking because I don’t like to lose their shekels but still they don’t care they’re gonna always do the same shit over again over and over again every century they do the same shit

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black people


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Entertainment ain’t entertaining no mo’

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