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Looks like a recruitment poster for a divorce lawyer.

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Look at the disgust on the face of the elder couple in the background.

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In a fucking apple store? Stick a hammer through their faggot skulls.

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Can you imagine the terror this must strike in the hearts of the enemies of America?

I mean, I just threw up a little.

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Join the rangers today!

Where we will send you on deployment for 18 months and then you will get the chance to come home to your beautiful newborn and your wife knocked up with # 2 for you!

Least ((uncle sam)) could do for you after your dedication to Isreals Wars!

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Serve to fight for Israel overseas while your home country is usurped by bolshevik terrorists.

WhErE dO I sIgN?

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THings a cuck ranger says -

"Whys our baby black, honey ??"

[–] c0ck [S] 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago 

/u/Matador_Pants agrees with you

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The military is in deep trouble.

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we all are

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They will lose the next major war they engage in.

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the only way US loses is by way of the politicians.

there are still plenty of warriors and tech in the US military.

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WTF did I just see???

That's her brother, not her boyfriend or husband. No self respecting white male dates a chick with a niglet.

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the joke is "she will fuk a nigger while you are deployed"

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A groid baby? They did not make that. What did she do while deployed?

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And why is he in the picture? If he's that much of a cuck he wasn't and isn't a ranger.

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just wait 5 years until they alter ranger training to be 'inclusive' and have a special transgender platoon.

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That's the messaging I got from that too, come home to a big surprise.

[–] easywind ago 

It could have been adopted, but doubtful.

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Nope, just not-so-subtle mind control shit.

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Join the Rangers: Support a Jodie.

That's what I see.

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Jodie Rottencrotch or Sally Suckemsilly. One or the other.

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I literally knew a girl named Jodie whose ex husband is a nigger. Thankfully she didn't make the mistake of breeding with him before coming to her senses and divorcing him.

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once a coal burner it cannot be undone.

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"Are you caring for some whore's nigger baby? Join the Rangers and you'll never have to see them again."

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