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Can you give an example of "clinging to jews for permission to feel good about themselves" ? I'm not sure I follow.

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Hebrew religion.

Every time I ask about this just to wrap my head around it I get accused of being a jew (without irony) or a larping pagan. Religion is mind control to me so I don't personally think much of it, it just serves a purpose, but what baffles me is the pearl clutching the newborn Christians do when I point out their religion is of the same tongue as their enemy and they shame their own history before a foreign religion took hold over them.

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I’m Eastern Orthodox - the original Christianity - and I’ve done the whole song and dance you’re talking about dozens of times already on VOAT so I’m not going to bother. Look at what happened to every northman tribe about a thousand years ago, and puzzle out what kind of sense that makes in light of your opinions.

It’s good that you value European history. There’s a lot of jewish divide-and-conquer tactics parading around in “Christian” costume, turning Aryans against each other. Kind of a shame how many people fall for it.

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Religion that core believes makes your sheep. Makes you forgive and turn the other way if attacked. And was a branch of a religion that believes it's an obligation to treat others like animals. You can rape their kids. (Talmud) You can do whatever to deceive them. The best joke I call is why the Joos stopped sacrificing with Jesus. If they don't believe he was the messiah. It just went underground. Blood Libel and such. Simon of Trent is still a Saint. Jesus' father was the HIGH God. Not the Toddler the Joos sacrifice too. Shame the Book of Judas was taken out in mid-1800. Question everything and believe nothing!

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They cannot formulate a goddamn thought for themselves. They must look to some "authority" to guide them.... It's not just jews, it's the government itself they use as a platform which it and authority are both the most dangerous superstition known to man.

Because of this normal people are led to commit atrocities in the name of government. Thus view the Milgram experiment...


Simply having an authoritarian figure in a lab coat convinced normies to murder for science.

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No one willingly clings to the parasite, that's like saying "if you'd only let that tick go."

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They are stuck in the chain of command caste system; based on the religious indoctrination of selfishly putting blind faith in false authority; based on the contract of belief under the laws of nature. Seeking permission represents shirking responsibility over self to others, and religions established that the highest authority (deity) is unquestionable, which gives those who sold the contract of belief the power to act "in the name of" any idol made under the unquestionable authority, while the believers will be mentally stuck at the authority their belief does not allow them to question.

This is why comprehending all the lies on this world leads them to the so called jews, but why all their actions are stuck within the lie of the higher authority; which was sold to them by the so called jews. It's a psychological hamster-wheel that prevents the selfish believer from acting outside of ignorance.

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"... clinge to jews for permission to feel good about themselves."

You are a fucking retard.