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Is it that we're bad at organizing? Or are we to busy working, taking care of family and regular responsibilities to have time to mobilize? I dont know about you but my schedule is full tilt/full time.

These leftists rioting are almost all underemployed or straight unemployed, most don't have kids, and the ones that do are generally shitty self absorbed parents.

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Everyone is afraid of glowniggers

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Everyone is afraid of glowniggers

Not everyone.

My give-a-shit meter is completely broken.

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Yeah there is literally nothing illegal about organizing. Cancel culture can fuck right off.

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We are good at organizing and mobilizing, but weak at rooting out traitors and FEDs.

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Nobody wants to pledge their life, their fortune and their sacred honor. We're not "for" anything yet. Once people have something to fight for, it'll be another story. Who want's to fight for a jew infested group of oligarchs that got us in to this condition in the first place?

[–] piss_factory ago 

I'm about ready to "fight for" getting Critical Race Theory out of the workplace, for starters.

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Not all publicity is good publicity believe it or not.

We need an info-pamphlet.

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We have zero resources archived. Unless you want to go to SearchVoat and scour through old posts trying to find stuff.. We come to Voat, share infographics and sources, and then we never put it in a resource library for people to print up and share it IRL. Then next week we've forgotten about it because our attention has shifted over to some other new scandal. It's all so fucking useless and the future of our nation depends on us organizing.

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I've been creating ideas for a new site, but I don't want to compete with voat.

Site has features for not letting stuff get memory holed and organizing information.

Don't know if I have the balls to do it or not, but am heavily excited about doing it.

[–] MarauderShields ago 

You mean like v/arcave?

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We’re not funded by jewish millionaires and we have shit to do and loose. Almost everyone in my county is a redneck trump supporter, high school kids tried to start shit in my town and we kept them in check with our guns.

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no one wants to organize or mobilize. they just want to virtue signal how they hate the clown world, while doing everything they can to keep the source of their complaints in existence.

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There have been tons of republican rallies and gatherings, they are buried or not reported in the news.

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