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They never really explained what was supposed to be so bad about the empire anyways.

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In the EU, they further explain that it strongly benefits human worlds, relegates alien territory to slave world status and aliens second class citizens. Mostly everyone just bitches about how heavy-handed they were. Yes, the Emperor was a megalo-maniac, but he was a genius who didn't just want power, but order as well. Pretty based if you ask me.

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Also the reason the Emperor created the Empire was because he knew of an incoming invasion of an alien species known as the Vong. When they actually did show up the Republic was so busy with its head up its ass they lost hundreds of planets to the invaders and the Jedi couldn't do shit because the Vong were cut off from the Force and the Jedi couldn't even sense them much less influence them.

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"Its bad goyim, trust the plan"

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They destroy a planet which is the "kick the puppy" moment for them. They had to do that so they could be established as eViL in the story. Otherwise there's no reason.

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Ewoks are notorious for abducting children by pretending to be cute little teddy bears.


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"Good" and "Evil" really have no such meaning for us, only success and failure. The failure to punish such degeneracy comes as no surprise.

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Oh my god that is hilarious

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Chappelle's show called it almost 20 years ago