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I think many of them truly believe they will be able to have a female orgasm once it's shoved inside them. They also believe they will be able to pick up straight guys and fuck them. Both of these are obviously not true, but they don't realize it until it's too late. Then they sit there in their room and have to think about the fact that they will never be able to have sex, let alone an orgasm for the rest of their entire lives. I would probably do the same if I was in those shoes.

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Or it might be the shit stains and the constant smell of a colostomy bag because the surgeon botched the job and perforated the colo-rectal cavity so their new vag just oozes shit all day. Seems to be a common problem.

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or they made the vag using a piece of colon and fish skin and now on top if ingrown hairballs it still secretes the same shit odo as the colon allows the perfect envioroment for fecal bateria to live this having a liter second shitcunt where once a sad but functional cock n balls was

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Any doctor which cuts off a man's dong is violating the Hippocratic oath.

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This seems to be a pretty widespread belief, from what I can tell. A lot of these dudes get off on (or are at least obsessed with) the idea of being a fully functioning woman, which of course no surgery can provide. The best you can really hope for with “bottom” surgery is that they don’t fuck with your ability to pee.

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Yeah that’s AGP like what contrapoints has. I’d bet really trannies these days are like 1/10.

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It probably sprays all over the place like a clogged hose.

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It's really terrible. These people that go through with that surgery are being lied to and manipulated by the "medical community" when they obviously need mental help.

It's like a doctor telling an anorexic that they are indeed too fat and their medical plan is to give them some appetite suppressants!

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The Report of the 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey found:

40% of transgender adults have attempted suicide.

50% of trans males reported a suicide attempt in the past year.

42% of nonbinary teens reported some type of self-harm in the previous year.

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Wait they can’t orgasm?

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Of course. It's a successful program to eradicate faggots.

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Yeah but it's only after they had time to reproduce by spreading their mental illnesses.

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This seems to be heavily overlooked. People don't reproduce only by passing on their DNA. Each of us is nothing but a collection of ideas. These ideas can also reproduce by convincing others to hold them as true. And children are especially vulnerable to transmission of adult's ideas.

We need to quarantine these people who hold degenerate ideas instead of letting them run wild to warp the world view of children.

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while increasing degeneracy and rapeing kids

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But it creates more faggots out of severely demoralized and abused whites.

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Anyone looking into tranny surgery is severely mentally fucked beyond rehabilitation and should have been physically removed from society years ago.

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The trouble is, transgenderism fits all the hallmarks of cultlike behaviour. It's not just eradicating the fundamentally weak, it's also taking potentially healthy people in and weakening them.

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If they weren't brainwashing 2 year olds I'd say go for it.

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You can't reproduce if you don't have functional reproductive organs. But guess who can? Oh look, invading hordes over yonder!

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Bear in mind that relatively few actually kill themselves ; the " OMG 41% of trannies commit suicide!!!" bullshit is based on a study in which 41% of the trans respondents stated they'd considered suicide or made a suicide attempt. I wonder how many normal people consider suicide at least fleetingly one or more times in their lives, and how many actually make a suicide attempt-? Doesn't matter ; the '41% kill themselves' is now gospel , and it's being used to bludgeon parents into letting their under 18 children mutilate themselves for life.

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Just like deaths in the black community, nobody cares. Let the problem handle itself.

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No, no, no! You don’t understand - it’s because they’re not being accepted, we have to be more tolerant!

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Bullying at school used to fix all of these problems. Look where we are today.

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also having dads that smack the hell out of you if you act like a fag

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I thought it was 50%

A swedish study from 2011 said they were suicidal and nuts after surgery:

Using fucked up people as a perverse game and playing doctor Frankenstein on them is about as bad as it gets. What kind of a dickshit doesn't want to study the brain and figure out from that angle. The brain is fucked up, not the body. They actually stand in the way of any research.


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