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its funny cuz blacks and jews actually say that

while also pretending its "demonic and unsettling" as they engage in pedophilia, homosexuality and fuk animals

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They aren’t wearing masks. This is a clear hate crime.

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Can you link a source to this? I want to redpill some people.

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Don’t forget unfettered assault and rioting, which the MSM and political framework will make narratives or coverup entirely.

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Literally the funnest thing. Imagine having her as a wife and her wanting to constantly have children. How happy the both of you would be.

Too late do people realize, especially with the poison they are fed, that this is the reason for living.

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He probably has a farm and needs farm hands. Half the reason I had kids was to help me with the homestead chores.

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Married a Mexican

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"something really dark about this..."

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I saw that, it was a jewess that posted that comment. They are afraid of white families.

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someone actually posted that to a picture of a White family with a lot of kids, don't recall when.

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that family is beautiful.

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She is hot as hell I wouldn't pull out either

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I'd bet she's a Juicy Lucy, those chicks get pregnant so easy.

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Definitely one that locks their ankles around you

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This goes against our (((community standards)))

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Lucky man.

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Could be of Spanish origin.

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Well whatever, kids clearly don’t have an issue.

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holy shit they must be loaded to feed those mouths

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You'd be surprised. A little help from extended family and a wife who wants to be a real mother and it's not as costly as you think.

Daycare, babysitters, endless (((entertainment))), lots of worldly possessions, (((schooling))) etc are expensive. Food isn't the problem. Secular parenting is.

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Yup, those are the dopamine replacement therapies people who throw away their lives have to take. The hidden cost of a selfish life.

Big families are awesome.

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As a father of numerous children, you're 100% correct. It's all in the mindset, it's way cheaper than these pathetic modern degenerates make it out to be.

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Yea and amen.

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At that point she is her own daycare, she could start having other kids stay for money and that'd pay for all the rest.

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Homesteading is relatively inexpensive, teaches your children to be self sufficient, and keeps your kids away from jewish subversive (((education))).

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The more kids you have the more cost efficient it is too. You can reuse curriculum and materials child after child. After the initial investment it’s nearly free for the next child - minus consumables.

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To be comfortable you'd have to have a 5 bedroom house for them.

One for older girls.

One for younger girls.

One for older boys.

One for younger boys.

Parents room would have at least one crib, probably two.

And huge square footage to accommodate the dining room table and the huge couches in the living room.

You'd need one those big vans that churches buy just to go grocery shopping.

But people spend their money on stupid shit, if you have money why not spend it on having kids?

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Lots of quarter million dollar homes qualify (4+ bed 2+ bath), if you find the right deal in a nice area. Not going to find them next to cities, which to me is an extra bonus.

Most people aren't going to be legendary or violent enough to leave a permanent mark on history, except through progeny. Demographics are destiny, time to change ours.

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i can feed twice as many on the same budget as a regular at starbucks/taco trucks!

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Yeah and none of them look fucking retarded either. I bet money they don’t vaccinate.

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God bless this family

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make it strong and racist, Lord

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We need more white families

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