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It has been awhile for this YT-banned post. Just a guy reading old newspapers.

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Blatant censorship by (((JT)))

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This is some great proof to share of their obsession with the number. If their prophecy requires 6 million to die, just keep trying to write it into existence eh?

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The number is a prophecy in the Talmud IIRC, they're trying to jew God by postdating something that hasn't happened.

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I never quite believed when I was younger that "information is power." I didn't quite get the meaning at the time because I thought it was my information, not the delivery of information.

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Indeed. Force fed is not the same as food for thought.

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Ok now let's see all the articles referencing 5 million, 4 million, 3 million, 2 million...oh it's always 6 million? Hmmm...

This info needs to be spread far and wide. As much as the effort to ban, we need to shine the light.

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My limited research has shown them to say 5 and 7 million sometimes. But the vast majority is 6 million.

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They say 5 or 7 sometimes so they can point to that and call you anti-semetic.

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The guy reading it is not Irish, Hes a Geordie from Newcastle England

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Meh, for this US Yankee, close enough. And when did England get a new castle?

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What was interesting is in a NYT article from the 20’s the article says that the soviets are losing control from counterrevolutionaries and that is putting the 6MM at risk. Makes it pretty clear which side they were on

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Make copies of this video. Dozens and dozens and dozens of copies. (He's from the UK btw, North Eastern accent).

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Dare I say...6 million copies?

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I'm from Philadelphia. I speak nigger. Sorry I don't understand you unarmed former colonialism .. ists something.

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Most Americans can't even differentiate between English and Australian accents so I'll forgive your Irish and North eastern English difficulties; it's a bit closer.

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First newspaper June 6 = 6/6 what a cohencidence, also it is on a Sunday, the sphere on the kabbalistic tree of life associated with the sun, is sphere 6, tiphereth. That makes it three 6's...

@ 5:37 it shows 127,000 on page 6 of the newspaper - 27 27 27 27

I assure these numbers are not being used accidentally.

[–] greydragon [S] ago 

I know you are kidding. Stop.

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