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Sodomite category

Atheism, check

Judaism, check

Buddhism, check

Islam, check

Modernist atheistic philosophy, check

Aquinas, Gregory of Nyssa, Augustine, nope...

Anything on traditional Christianity... hmmm... nope


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Did you see anything under this area?

Index of /public/Books/ebook-dl.com/Christian Books & Bibles/

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There are a few good ones there, but most of it isn't worth reading.

The philosophy section is tragically modern, where you have some Greek stuff and then nothing until the Enlightenment era forward, as if for 1,700 years people were just twiddling their thumbs.

Such a sad state of affairs where the entirety of Eastern and Western Christian thought is treated as if it never existed. Not just speaking about this collection, but modern universities and bookstores and most libraries as well.

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There's some books on the ketogenic diet in case someone wants to get in shape.

/public/Books/ebook-dl.com/Health, Fitness & Dieting/Diets & Weight Loss/

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Careful, pedo’s like to hide their shit in massive downloads of junk files you probably won’t read or look through.

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From what I understand it was a defunct ebook website that lost their domain.

Take what precautions you need in any case

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This is awesome! Thank you! Have already downloaded to many.

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Military field manuals


Cooking and preserving food


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Been listening to the Dresden Files for a couple months. On book 8 now, and really like it.

Is there any you can suggest?

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I'll dig through it tonight but the uncategorized section is fuckng huge

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What's with the Gay & Lesbian bullshit?

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little bit of everything man...