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At the very least, the numbers were greatly exaggerated. I think that is the most easily proven fact.

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"It was real in my mind. It still is!"

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20% it is fucking low. Bet 80% of that 100% were Jews. They do these polls to test if their campaigns of brainwashing works.

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You misunderstood. I meant, at the very least, the holohoax numbers were low. The 6 gorillion. No the polling. Although, those might be off as well.

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No gas chambers is even easier.

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absolutely... less than a quarter million died, they were not murdered.

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I agree, but I think once you can show a normie the facts, you should remind them that the number isn't the issue, it's that it's been used to manipulate and control for 80 years. Even if it were truly 6 mill, many other genocides in the last 100 years have had the same or a lot more. So why is the hoax always the focus? That is the question to pose to normies. I left that one with my neighbor recently over beers and he couldn't come up with an answer. He is usually quick to debate me.

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Red Cross estimates were 273K, which is more than a quarter million.

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You have to be fucking retarded to believe that they exterminated 11-13 million people... I dont think people have any idea the scale of that. Once the number goes over 1000, people have no frame of reference and just believe whatever without a shred of skepticism. Or that building camps and railroads is the most efficient way to genocide. Nothing adds up. But kikes have to do their kvetching... if they had said 1 million no one would question it.

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should be at least 90%

it's an obvious lie

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The kvetching on Twitter is off the charts.

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You know the jews that made this survey worded it in such a way that would exaggerate the number of respondents that could be counted as ignorant so that they could use it as a splashy headline to solicit more donations for their bullshit "nonprofit organizations". For example, this headline makes it sound like 20% said jews caused it and an additional 34% said it was fake, but this was obviously two different questions and the 20% who said yes to "are jews responsible for the holocaust" would also be part of the 34% who responded no to "did it really happen".

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That's what I was thinking, there is no way 34% of Jew Yorker's think the holohoax was fake or exaggerated.

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There absolutely is. Look at the demographics of New York - it's full of foreigners who don't care about jews.

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https://dontvis.it/https://nypost.com/2020/09/16/survey-shows-young-new-yorkers-lack-of-holocaust-knowledge/ :

2020-09-16 | Survey shows young New Yorkers' lack of Holocaust knowledge

'The Auschwitz museum is outraged by a TikTok trend in... '

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Don't eat. It's hard to die when your stomach is full.