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He is NOT the inventor of ANYTHING. He STEALS other peoples' inventions as a LEGAL business man.

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Spinrite disk compression theft comes to mind. That is just one of many IP thefts.

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Gates is self appointed.

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He is an expert because he has caused a polio pandemic, and helped genetically engineer this virus and the new vaccine that will help it spread.

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Because he can afford to buy academics and media spokepeople, so all the normies who fucking love science listen and believe.

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That's Apple, but yeah. That's true. I used to teach computer science and that was in a text book.

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LOL this is what happens when I start dropping comments before coffee.

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Because the media will call you an expert on anything if you have enough money to get their pussy wet.

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He's also the inventor of global pandemics.

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Great post, Gates created the blue screen of death, creating a vaccine of new system/hardware. Just like CV1984, same rinse and wash. He's a demonic POS

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