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His name is David Ware. I hope he fries.

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Most annoying bitch I've ever seen in my life. He has the black guy disease of being totally unable to follow directions.

Once the cops decide to take you in, you're going. The two ways to resist are to hire a lawyer or to kill them. There's not another way out.

Now if you kill them, how the fuck is that going to work out? No one just kills cops and doesn't spend the rest of their life in prison. So, really the two options are to be inconvenienced for a day or spend forever in prison. How fucking stupid do you have to be to pick option two?

I hope his cell mate strangles him for being so god damn irritating.

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He has the black guy disease of being totally unable to follow directions.

jews are genetically still niggers. They have been raping and breeding with white women for thousands of years, so they might look a bit white. That's literally skindeep only.

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I think you have to be coked off your tits stupid.

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He would have done time on weapons charges. Either way he needs a quick trial, death penalty.

[–] KingMortales ago 

I agree with you except about just going with them. I think when the cops are up to bullshit (i.e. enforcing mask rules or taking kids away because the parents have "covid") they should be shot. Yes, it won't work out for you, but people need to start taking the L for the nation as a whole. The founding fathers would have shot before allowing a tyrant to oppress them and I respect that about them most. Not saying this video is an example of that, I just think it should be remembered.

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He's a jew. He won't. They'll probably have a big pay out for "police brutality".

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Is he really a kike or just a faggot wigger?

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That was infuriating to watch what a fucking idiot. Who would have expected that outcome. This is why you end up with militaristic police, the restraint shown by police officers on a daily basis is incredible. When in any given moment they can be shot by an imbicile like this.

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They gave him way too much time to plan out the murder. One warning, two warnings, and then they should have gone in hard.

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Mercy is not a virtue.

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Also, the two officers couldn't physically control him. He got back in the car twice.

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this was surprisingly one of the most difficult videos to watch

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What's sad is, unless he is choked to death by an inmate, he will be fed and housed by the state for 20 years before execution.

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fuck me dead those cops should have known better.

whenever someone carries on like that and says they're not going... you can bet your life they will take things to the limit.

this kike needs to be burnt to death for that.

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https://invidious.fdn.fr/watch?v=MSa2EomQAbA :

Bodycam Video Shows Shooting of Two Tulsa Police Officers - YouTube

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.Meh. who do cops work for?

Seems like they could have just given him a ticket. They would have let a nog off easier for fear of losing their pension.

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An unpopular opinion on voat, but I agree with you. All he did apparently was run a red light. Why would they have to tow him based on that? The insurance stuff is iffy, but the car did look kind of new so I could believe he really did just get it (though Jews do lie.) I might have missed something but did they even try to see his insurance card? Either way, these are the same cops that arrest us when we try to kill pedos and other things that they should be doing for us.

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He didn't have registration or something. Technically, they could have towed him legally, but what kind of use of the law is this? Pay me or I take your car deserves a good f.u. once in a while

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Can't see the video because youtube wants me to sign in and the one invidious link in the comments does not work.

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Fucking hell, that was painful to watch. I hope this cunt is captured, convicted, sent to prison, ass raped for a few years and killed.

[–] Naughtius_Maximus ago 

Thank you. You are a saint.

[–] TheDonaldTrump ago 

Learn to use other invidious instances.

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