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I read your other post. Ignorant people say that poor people shouldn't have pets, but they can go fall off a bridge. I have been in your situation before where I wasn't able to afford to put my elderly cat down. It was heartbreaking and I felt like a piece of shit. Finally, a rescue came through for me and took care of everything. If it wasn't for them, I guess I just would have watched him die slowly. It irritates me when well off people can't understand that $200 is a lot of money when you're poor. I am so sorry for your loss. I am sending virtual hugs.

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"I guess I just would have watched him die slowly."

That's unacceptable. I very much dislike cats, but wouldn't even consider that for an option. If you can't afford to put your pet down, you are OBLIGATED to do it yourself. Yes it's hard. Yes it sucks, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. But to bend over and let your emotions run a proverbial train on you, is not ok. Letting your emotions dictate your actions is not ok. Don't be like this. This is what liberals do. Don't be a liberal

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What now? I don't drink.

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Anyone that called you a monster is probably a troll or an instigating jew.

Sorry for your loss, man. Dogs are so wonderful. You are a decent guy. God bless.

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in 1991 i had to euthanize my cat Gunther. the vet charged $15 bucks and didn't rush me out as i stayed in that exam room and cried for an hour.

how can any vet or clinic charge that kind of money the OP stated? in mexico at pet stores, nembutol is sold for just this purpose.

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Anyone who gave you shit is more than likely a compassionless kike or nigger. I'm sorry you had to go through this my friend. Glad you didn't have to do it yourself.

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Bailey will be waiting for you when your own departure draws near. You will see her again and her legs will be fine once more. She will play with you and love you, as you loved her. World without end.

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Fuck anyone who brings you further down in your moment of loss.

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You were there for your mate, and were going to do right by her no matter what. That's what really counts.

RIP Bailey.

Peace man.

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Your dog had 17 years of life. Your family did what you had to do to take care of her for almost 2 decades, and she was called to to her next life during a time that happens to not be financially optimal. Sometimes that happens.

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