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I've bene telling you all this for years, zombies are just a metaphor for welfare leeches and every apocalypse movie has been showing you what it will be like when the EBT cards get shut off. They're not just going to sit in their homes and starve to death, they're coming after YOU!

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Jews have a fetish for showing the gentiles their crimes beforehand.

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It's not a fetish. It's literally how they (believe) they absolve themselves of all responsibilty for their actions. Same belief as Satanists in this regard.

They believe if they've told you what they're going to do ahead of time, and nobody stands up and opposes the proposed actions - that silence / lack of action therefore 'means' everyone is OK with said actions; and thus, they're magically morally absolved from any punishment for whatever it is they're doing.

...look into it, not making this shit up. That's why they tell us the truth first all the time ... and likely why whats-his-name is all "symbolism will be their downfall" ... It does, at least, make sense ... from that perspective.

The only part I'm still confused about [though don't get me wrong, I'm not 100% positive on ANY of the above ... but it's what the consensus of my research has been thus far] ... is why they go ape-shit trying to cover up and stop the spread of the SAME TRUTHS THEY PUT OUT THERE...?

Seems to me that if you'd like to absolved of responsibility, you have to let nature take its course. If people actually do get pissed, you're screwed. Come up with another plan, dumbass. Covering up your truth-drop doesn't make any sense -- at least to me, yet.

Anyone know?

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Username checks out.
This is why we are fucked!

[–] jonnyquest ago 

Before the welfare $$ runs out, we need a nigger lotto.

1/2 (maybe 1/3?) win shiny new Mercedes Benz. The other half win Guns & ammo ... Then, we sit back & let nature take its course.

Oh, and FILM IT.

...note: haven't worked out the ideal percentages, so those math beasts among us feel free to chime in -- and anyone w ideas to improve, the same!

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5:1 seems to be their preferred attack ratio from a couple decades of anecdotal observation. Give 20% a bunch of gibs and nature will take its course.

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Did you guys see that bodycam footage of the nigger who charged out of his house at a cop with a knife, chased him a bit before being shot by the cop?

It looked 100% like a scene out of 28 days later. Literal rabid, feral animal full out sprinting at an armed man with pure reckless abandon.

Scary shit man, I want to move as far the fuck away from the city as I can soon.

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...they nag you and make you want to blow your own brains out

So... you mean women?

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And feminized pansy men. It's terrible.

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God damn those femized pansies and their soft, pliant mouths!!

[–] AgentSakura ago 

pussy faggot omegas

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Sexy sexy zombies! If they weren't so hot we could just shoot 'em. But they are. So we can't.

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I was thinking zombies when i first saw this, it's like zombies walk up to a house, bang on it randomly until they smash out a window and then completely don't understand the concept of gaining entry by climbing through the window and just fucking stand there grunting and grasping at air.

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Fucking ay. That's an accurate description if I've ever seen one.

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zionist + commies.

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whoa nice

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Actually they want your brains. They want to brainwash you into compliance and to become another zombie.

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Fortunately one good thing remains the same: Preparedness. Food, water, shelter, medicine, ammo, training, and planning.

[–] clamhurt_legbeard [S] ago 

Truth. Buy precious metals - copper, lead, brass....

[–] Roughpatch ago 

And double taps

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Left4Dead is real. There are fast zombies, fat zombies, putrid zombies, weak zombies, and you're surrounded on all sides. Hope you've got ammo.

[–] clamhurt_legbeard [S] ago 

i only have 11k rounds

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Well, if you reload em, it might work out.

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