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These pseudophiles are the absolute worse. They all speak in same "intellectual" way, yet have no original ideas to speak of. They somehow think liking science is equivalent to knowing about it and believing it (you won't find them near an actual research paper, but will link an article from someone who summarizes it...) Also, this may just be me noticing, but they have a weird way of pronouncing words, particularly consanant sounds. It's like they're trying to speak some trans-atlantic, pure American accent because they heard one of their idols speak that way. It's sort of like gay men, who all adopt that weird inflection...Finally, the pseudo women are annoying as fuck too - they're so insecure about not being perceived intelligent that their social skills devolve into an awkward weebo like weirdness.

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They all say "yikes" and "there's a lot to unpack, here".

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it's due to all the soy and getting pegged

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That "overpronouncing words" bullshit is just the "holier than thou" horseshit they pull.

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Fucking everything is made out of stars.

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What about gas?

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I sawsit awn twatter!!

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Racewar Johnny's plan includes killing jews, pedophiles and communists (apologies for the redundancy).

This is false.

Racewar Johnny's plan is to offer free mandatory helicopter rides to all lesser creatures.

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Vroom vroom!

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More like thwop thwop, but it works.

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Claim: 2+2=4

This is mostly false, only in certain numerical bases.

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Damn you predicted the 2+2=5 controversy 4 years ago.

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God. Out of all the soyjack memes to infuriate me this has to be the one that instills the most primal hatred in me.

It's like you can smell its putrid breath washing over you as the disgusting beast shows you some factoid, the look on its face trying to mimic "excitement" when really its eyes aren't even able to gleam. Maybe it's the fact that you can also see the whites of his eyes all above the iris, maybe it's the fact that you can smell that even the deodorant he puts on does no help in hiding the inevitable pit stain, I don't know what it is.

But I'd punch that thing if it wasn't capable of taking my whole fist in its mouth.

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What is this register guns bullshit? are there places that actually require that? I finally convinced my gun fearing sister to accept a gun and she asked me with a shakey voice "is it registered?". Its just hollywood bullshit right?

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I understand it’s real in some jurisdictions.

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Im not doing any of that

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What's your problem with registering your guns? OK, the Gov knows you have 5 guns. Where's the problem? Why do you need to have secret guns anyway? If they must be registered, and some nigger gets caught with an unregistered gun he (hopefully gets executed on the spot) most likely gets a fine or goes to jail.

Where's the problem? OK so you are stockpiling weapons for the next civil war, but you lack the balls to use those weapons for their intended purpose (violence).

So what's your problem? You already have how many amendments to your gun laws anyway. No full auto, no bump stocks, no military weapons, etc. You can't even buy fertilizer without tripping an ATF alarm.

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The problem is that when the next new restriction comes, for instance, guns that can accept a magazine bigger than X being banned, the government will know where all those guns are, and not complying will not be an option.

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And? What's the problem? You a) aren't using them for violence and b) are legally allowed to own them.

So where's the problem if they are registered? Again, why do you need secret guns? Your 2A doesn't provide you with any legal backing for secret unregistered guns..

Also, I'm pro 2A, I'm not some leftist faggot who wants to take your guns BTW. Just to clarify.

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