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I fuckin love beethoven, gd being a racist homophobe sounds so beautiful

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Didn't they try to claim he was a nigger? Some bullshit with his hair?

[–] DerJudenfresser ago 

They tried claiming his mother was "likely" Moorish because she was born in a area controlled by the Moors, who were dark skinned Muslims from North Africa.

[–] kishind ago 

Destroying history is easier with multiple false accounts.

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"homophobe?" why are you scared of faggots?

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I justifiably fear faggots brainwashing and molesting my children

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I'm a little scared that their blistered asses are leaking their boyfreinds HIV jizz into every chair they queef in.


No but I do want to spin whatever vox is kikebullshitting about into a positive

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Beethoven is great; they're Europhibic.

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Ludwig Van cranked out some powerhouse hits to be sure, but if you Gents desire to embrace perfection, travel further back to The Baroque and visit The Grand Master of The Musical Universe, Johann Sebastian Bach.

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No shit it is. It's beautiful, which is why the jew wants to destroy it.

Have the jews ever done anything good? Created anything of value?

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Look up the real history of Bagels, hint it was jews being jews that made the result.

[–] u_r_wat_u_eat ago 

they probably only made them so they could stick their dicks in them cause they're perverted little faggots

[–] Helena73 ago 

Theory of Relativity

[–] recon_johnny ago 


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Do they know that Beethoven was deaf, and therefore meets the current definition of a “marginalized” artist?

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bUt WhItE pEoPlE dOn'T hAvE aNy CuLtUrE

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White people have the only culture.

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High culture

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You mean the culture of Christianity, reason, science, and the arts? Never happened lol

[–] kishind ago 

fIsH dOn'T hAvE aNy SeA

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Sounds to me like they just have an inferiority complex.

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it's hard to twerk to Beethoven

[–] cantaloupe6 ago 


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But BBC told me Beethoven was black

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I'd rather listen to some Wagner, thank you.

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Wagner, the man who Nietzsche first hoped would exemplify the ubermensch. Wagner, who railed against jewish evils extensively. Wagner, envied by men and lusted after by women, brilliant blonde beautiful and capable.

[–] DerJudenfresser ago 

Beethoven, Bach, Brahms & Wagner.

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