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[–] Represent601 4 points 9 points (+13|-4) ago 

For whatever it may be worth (I believe it isn't worth anything), I am the OP at the top of /v/askvoat at the moment. I do not think she should be removed. She expressed an opinion (which I strongly disagree with) that started the thread which was deleted. I then saw that the thread was deleted by she and thought it was fishy. I turned around and asked if others thought it was a coincidence. Yes I think she is a SJW, but she didn't break any rules. That is why I am of the opinion she should be watched closely but not have mod status removed.


[–] benender 1 points 10 points (+11|-1) ago 

When they use vague and nebulous rules to further their personal agenda, they shouldnt be mod of an agenda free sub. PERIOD.