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I don't think popularity contests should decide these sorts of matters. I am aware of the situation, and given the information I have available I would say that this person is not a proper fit, but I am refraining from voting on your post because this is not how things should be decided.

Remember: Brigading takes advantage of situations like this, and brigading is generally not a good thing.

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Well it's gonna be very, very biased and inaccurate because it's harder to downvote.


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It does though - in the court of public opinion. If you look around, you'll see other posts on this topic that bring substance to the discussion and aren't just upvote/downvote this if you dislike so-and-so. I understand the curiosity, but please at least bring something to the table.


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No she shouldn't. As far as I have seen the one post that was deleted was for rule breaking. The people witch hunting seem like overzealous whiners who ironically want to purge her because of her wrong-think.


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I'm downvoating his post because I think it's a stupid post.

If we don't like a moderator, we can ask her to step down. If she doesn't, we make a new sub.

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The tyranny of the majority removing the liberty of the individual isn't really a threat here.


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You're right. A democracy isn't always always a good idea. Everyone should have the freedom to speak freely. People can be easily swayed and lied to which then they will soon after for brigades for their newfound 'ideology'.