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Like @SpaceRosa said edits don't ping them. I'll ping him for you though



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you have to remember the fundamental rule of voat: TELL MODS TO EAT MORE DICK SANDWICHES


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I just want to say to the mods, this is how badly Reddit mod's actions have been. I value moderators for what they do, but ask the average Redditor/Voater what Mods do and you'll get more different/distinct opinions then people you ask.

Mods, you suck if everyone thinks you suck. Anyone can think you suck if people don't know what you do, in boring detail, daily for us to even function. However, is it Reddit/Voat's fault, yours, or people that couldn't possibly tell if you do a good enough job such that it looks like you do nothing at all? I don't know how to fix this, I'm not a mod and I'm on voat for maybe two hours throughout the day. Its a PR problem though, you know you work, you know Voat doesn't know what you do.

Voats going to be like Reddit with "power mod" problem though I think, the social distance condemns us to it. I wish voat at least had a icon next to a name for a mod so people could see the average mod shitposting rather than just the horror of moderation stories. Something, I don't know..


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[–] SpaceRosa 4 points -2 points (+2|-4) ago 

I don't know why I didn't think to do that while I was pointing out it didn't work. Clearly, I am an idiot.


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I got your back boo, no worries.

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