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Maybe, try reading the book before suggesting that you can't find shit in the book and restating biblical versus in such a ridiculous context.


You can't find it either.

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Faggot, its written all over the fuckin ' book. You're one of those fucking idiots that think because the Bible never uses the words homosexual or butt pirate, then Christians aren't against that either, aren't you?

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1 month old account with a pentagram.... Nice try Jew


Penta = 5. Nice try.

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Pentagram = satanist. Try again

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So rapping little ones who don't believe is ok?


According to jews.

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Ok larping pagan, go back to raping little boys, and sacrificing goats. Basically all the insane vile shit u people did before we Christians educated you.

Also God in the Old Testament destroys Sodom and Gomorrah for homo shit, which always includes pedophilia.

Not to mention all the Canaanites and the jews of Judea

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Why are you mad? Vikings sailed to North America before your copyright on goodness got to us, your book is just another ploy jews use to control stupid goyim. Earth a few thousand years old, "educated."

What's up with Rib Woman anyway?

Every animal eaten is a sacrifice, not sure why you're unaware of that one. Vegan, too?

I would like to know what goats were being sacrificed in Sweden. Link?

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You are suggesting that Jews wrote a book that orders Christians to obey God rather than man and tells Christians that jews who reject Christ are the Synagog of Satan. And wrote that book to control Christians?

You're a fucking moron. You do understand that the bible explains that jews killed Christ, right?

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who gives a shit u managed to sail there, you died there XD

the american indians raped all your colonists, YOU FAILED, how u like it knowing some dirty indians gangbanged ur wiking women ?

the fking pagans from New Zeeland did better then you, and they lived in stone age XD

you dont eat sacrificed animals you stupid fuk, thats why they are SACRIFICED, ffs you ppl legit have nigger lvl IQ

"I would like to know what goats were being sacrificed in Sweden. Link?" Imagine pretending to be pagan, and having no idea what your religion is XD

And you ppl wonder why you are a joke and everyone keeps kicking you out of every movement

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You just described the Old Testament.

You christcucks are hilarious.

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ya I described the pagans in the Old Testament

I like how fast your "movement" died, legit 1 year

Now you are a joke, often kicked out of groups for being retarded. Remember you did this to yourselves, by fighting a "enemy" you cannot win against. Instead of fighting jews and niggers.

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Makes you wonder who wrote the book and why.

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Psychopaths wrote it so that they could dictate the foundation of your world view and mind control you.

Think about it. Christians literally celebrate human sacrifice and validate all scapegoating and blood sacrifices because these psychopaths told them too.

They also support Israel because of it and allow these bastards to destroy and rob America!

They think you should love your enemies and turn the other cheeck. How has that worked out for Europe?

They have no idea what real evil is. The churches have no idea how satanist/psychopaths abuse people and teach their congregation nothing about it. They are a dead loss in this fight. They think they are fighting by praying and that will stop the psychopaths they think is satan.

They have done nothing to help the survivors of satanic ritual abuse, gangstalking, human trafficking or inverted justice. They just tell th victims they will pray for them.

The bible is a lie with no value to anyone other than the psychopaths passifying decent people that would otherwise fight evil.

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Oh look, another anti theist deist rehashing all the fucking retarded talking points that have been discussed to death. Its as if you've never bothered to read the book you criticize.

Go ahead, tell me about how you've read the bible so we can all see that you're not only a fucking idiot, you're a liar, too.

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"No one whose testicles are crushed or whose male organ is cut off shall enter the assembly of the Lord."

Well there goes America.

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Imagine being proud of being pirates, invaders, killers and brutal genocidal maniacs.

Not to mention enslaving WHITES and selling them to muslims and jews.


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You're describing Christianity, sir.

[–] DanielR ago  (edited ago)

ya I must have missed in the history class all the "Christian" Danish invasion and "Christian" wiking raids done in the name of "Jesus" or the Nordic "Christian" slave traders selling white slaves to muslims and jews in the Mediterranean Sea, and the sacrificing of kids and animals in the name of Odin also done by "Christians" HAHAHAHA

you make no sense, bless u pagans, you dont even try not to sound or look autistic

you are legit like niggers trying to sound deep and smart when pretending he wuz khangz of Egypt and space godz

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Because it was written by jews.