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Yes you are being fucked with by (((the system))) but no need to fret niggerfaggot, do your best and know you did your best and have lots of white children.

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Must be doing something wrong, the children keep coming out sort of grayish-pink.

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no we're accelerating quite nicely now.

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this baby's still got some acceleration left in it, let's hit the gas!

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Makes you wonder if we wouldn't be better with a Biden presidency. You know they'll over reach. When targeted attack start taking place, then you'll know the time has come.

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That was the radical left's intention to make you feel this way. America is a great country and as fuckedup as it is right now with arguably 50% of it being demoralized by USSR era KGB propaganda in University that has fully gained prominence (Critical Race Theory: http://archive.is/ofQRJ) it's still the last country that is this free for the common person where you don't have to be in the "in" crowd to have rights.

Don't let the left win, you control how you think and there is a lot of opportunity in this country to make money. Learn a trade, or read books on business/entrepreneurship, listen to podcasts, figure out if you really do want to do geoarbitrage when corona goes away or if you want to stay in America.. just don't let them steal your happiness. Read Viktor Frankel's Mans Search for Meaning.

The radical left wanted you to feel this way.

[–] ReAwakened ago 

where you don't have to be in the "in" crowd to have rights.

There it is in a nutshell. The tree of liberty calls.

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I wont work and build a life for myself for my family and its everybody elses fault oy vey!!!

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Of rather be dead than live this life

[–] CheeBooga ago 

or: I live this life just to torture evil people.

[–] Justice_Will_Prevail ago 

Go back to the "nothing particularly bad is happening me right now part" and go see a shrink.

[–] ItsYaNiggaPayon ago 

How do you reconcile "nothing bad is happening" with "id rather be dead."

[–] ClandenCTrake [S] ago  (edited ago)

Something bad doesn't need to be happening to want to be dead.. Does that answer your question?

Even if I'm having momentary happiness I'd hope something that would just kill me just kills me

[–] ReAwakened ago 

Have you ever lived as an expat? It ain't what it's cracked up to be. I love America, Niggers and jews... that's another thing all together.

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I'd rather die than live this life

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No one is stopping you faggot. Weak fucks like you need to go first. The men will clean up your mess