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Yeah, racemixing is still bad, but Asian + White doesn't equal nigger.

Asians are very smart, the smartest statistically speaking, but they lack creative and critical thinking skills.

That's why when that ferry went down in Korea, the captain's last words asked passengers to wait in their cabins. As the ferry sank and water rushed in... the chinks obeyed the orders despite imminent drowning.

A nigger can't follow instructions at all. They can't even obey long enough to not be shot while being arrested. No impulse control either which is why they are usually being arrested.

Asians on the other hand, will obey so well, they'll literally die being compliant!

Whites are an anomaly, orderly and obedient, yet will break the rules at the right moment. That is what gives whites tremendous ability for invention. Whites think beyond the status quo, and will rebel against the impossible to invent something that can improve the lives of everyone.

That blend of orderly and disorderly is why the white race is under systematic attack.

Races dumber than whites can be duped into submission. Asians, while smarter than whites, are less creative and less likely to rebel against unjust authority.

In order to have a one world government with extreme unchecked power, whites must go.

Now, back to the rice cracker discussion, who knows what traits are selected when Whites and Asians mix. But it's possible both traits will be enhanced. White thinking with Asian intelligence. But you certainly won't get a nigger.


[–] Leand ago 

The only good Asians are the Japs, the rest of them are bug men who have no empathy or compassion.

But muh high iq, fuck off faggot.


[–] wakemeupvoatz ago 

You have a point.

The Chinese have a pretty bad reputation and it's not improving. The Japs aren't exactly innocent either. Although they have achieved things in their culture that is quite impressive, the mass suicides and oppressive social collective can be tough. Out of balance expectations will finish you off too.

All I was saying though is that Asian + Whitey does not equal a conventional nigger. Sure the Chinese could be considered the Asian niggers, but still... not quite the same thing.

The Chinese have contributed to the world, as have many of the other Asians.

Arguably the Japs are the most civilized and have the best temperament. So we could exempt Japs from the Asian + White = nig nog? Maybe give a small shaded area to Hiroshima Half-Breedz? Or you could just call me a faggot again and we can mush onward!