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It means representation ratio ; 2% of jews do 34% of billionaires, so 17x over-representation ratio, 13% of blacks do 0.25% of billionaires so 50x under-representation ratio. Positive bar for over-representation and negative bar for under-representation. Bar graph for ratios is a shit idea really, but the data is sound.

Source is

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Really appreciate this explanation. This line of yours is worth more than gold:

Positive bar for over-representation and negative bar for under-representation.

And that causes the whole thing to make sense.

I do stats as part of my job. Have done it for years. I can usually make heads or tails of shitty graphs in seconds. But this one had me scratching my head. But after your explanation, it makes so much damn sense that I feel embarrassed.

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That's alright mate, it's the graph that sucks, you're not crazy ; a consistent mapping would be a 17-tall bar and then a 0.02-tall bar (1/50), or conversely a -0.06 bar and a -50 bar. But you can't just flip the sign around like they did. Otherwise there is a massive discontinuity around 1x representation: a 0.99 tall bar or -1.01 tall bar would be the same underlying value. You could theoretically do a log scale, with a +1.23 bar (log(17)) and a -1.7 bar (log(1/50)), but then normies wouldn't get it. They could also simply have labeled the axis "Representation ratio" for clarity and no one would be asking this question in the first place.

Someone should really do a better version of this graph...

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That is the answer i was looking for, makes more sense now

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That's a really weird way to represent something. Need a graph that shows the percentage of each population that are billionaires, and then obviously you scale it so that the bars are more than one pixel tall.