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Whenever someone uses "conspiracy theory" I'm done talking to them entirely because it's a propaganda brainwashed reaction and they're not possible to save in almost all situations.

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What’s interesting, is I can tell that’s what they’re all afraid of - being labeled, and having the label stick.

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I can tell that’s what they’re all afraid

Being bothered. Bothered to have their ideas challenged. Bothered to explain their shitty positions and possibly accept they're wrong. Bothered to run the risk of actually believing you and then saying the wrong thing in social circles. Bothered that by thinking for themselves they won't as easily dismiss others casually in conversation and be forced to engage.

Bothered that they are forced to accept that they are lazy, selfish fucks. They're old. They don't give a fuck anymore. They successfully kicked the can down the road and forced their children to suffer the consequences of their poor decisions and they just want to die before their actions cause them to suffer the consequences.