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Even better, the 99.99% of the population that are barely functional, room-temperature IQ NPC's declare any discussion on this "RAYCIST!".

Handing 3.3% of the value of.. 160,000,000 working people to roughly 600 individuals is the equivalent of granting each one of those 600 billionaires the entire yearly output of 9,020 people.

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My parent’s generation can’t fathom why the media would lie to them so heinously. They reason that there’d be no way such a vast network of self-corroborating liars could pull it off, even if they wanted to. When presented with evidence to the contrary, it’s much easier for them to ignore one guy, rather than the entire media complex - so they don’t take the accusation seriously.

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Whenever someone uses "conspiracy theory" I'm done talking to them entirely because it's a propaganda brainwashed reaction and they're not possible to save in almost all situations.

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6 of the top 10 richest people in the US are yids.

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My mother-in-law believes TV media religiously. She tried to argue about race, politics, and "peaceful protests" for years, using talking points from The Narrative.

My husband would argue right back with statistics and first-person sources from the internet. Media lies only survive because they edit video clips so carefully. Watching the original video - of a Trump rally, of a "racist" attack, etc. - quickly reveals their lies.

He'd send her links to original video. I don't think she ever watched them. Her go-to closing line was, "Well, I just don't believe it."

She finally stopped talking about politics completely. She would rather pretend the media is trustworthy.

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All I can imaign is, that they find it difficult to face the fact that they have been lied to all their lives and have effectivly gone along with it.

To wake up and accknowledge this lie would mean to question every newspaper and TV Media they have held dear.

NIce people ( nice media ) dont do things like this. Their whole lifes value system would be brought in to question.

I sadly see this a lot .

Our media know this and thats how they get away with it

[–] thatguyiam ago 

OP: Take tyour graphic and make a collage with it and with the graphic from this article for a real powerful NPC neuron torpedo.

This is your only freebie. NExt time i will charge many sheckles.

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Good but need butter graphics

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Beaten down Bernie people aren’t npcs.

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True, they're not even characters. More like non-playable items.