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There is a word with a variant or two that makes conservatives incapable of conserving anything. If you're liberal or leftist it makes you bat shit insane. The word is "racism." It is a communist invention of Leon Trotsky (formerly Bronstein) imported into the USA in the 60s, most likely by Jews here who were working with their Jewish brethren in the Soviet Union. It is a word that has no validity to it, because it is based on the false assumption that races of people are exactly the same in traits and behavior. You will notice that the entirety of the Democrat party and the vast majority of the Republican party are subject to the power of this word. They are all worried about being someone who notices that distinctly different races of people are indeed different. Even if people were 100% products of their environments, the word would still have no validity. Niggers come from the hood and from poverty, so we should be justified in noticing they are different even in that scenario. The issue of nature verses nurture has already been settled, though, and it is genetics that works to determine the majority of what people are like, although not the entirety.

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People should fear being called communist, not racist.

And being a communist should carry the death penalty

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If we ever get a sane and reasonable society, I want to bring back nooses... not for the niggers. The niggers won't be there if it's sane and reasonable. It'll be for anyone who wants to welcome niggers. A good ol' fashioned hanging is all about making a public spectacle and letting others know what happens when you step out of line.

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Absolutely agree! Liberalism and Communism...one and the same!

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thou shall not kill. You can not murder communism, only Ideologically dismantle it.

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You can't be a racist. You can only be a race traitor.

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Well said. The way that the Left have managed to problematize basic in-group preference, twisting it into something that needs to be engineered out of people (the more ignorant ones think that in-group preference is learnt rather than innate), is crazy. Trying to root out 'racism' is like witch-hunting—except that everyone is to varying degrees a 'witch', 'good' (i.e. 'non-racist') people simply repress the 'witch' within. It's a witch-hunt where all burn all—no one can consider themselves safe from the label without seriously deluding themselves. And it's only going to get more crazy as the definition of 'racist' becomes increasingly inclusive. It's already reached a situation where 'White = racist', and non-Whites who question this are also 'racist'; and where words as innocuous as 'All Lives Matter' and 'It's okay to be White' are somehow 'racist hate speech'.

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Something that needs to be engineered out of white people. Niggers are allegedly unfairly harmed by it, so it's okay for them to be racist.

I've been thinking about how anti-racism is one of the whitest things in the world. Only white people in any significant portion mean don't be racist against others. Pretty much all the other groups but definitely the niggers mean don't be racist against me or us. Niggers oppose the so called racism for the benefits to themselves. They don't want to hold their own group responsible for their shittness (trying to fix niggers is utter futility); they want to hold others responsible for noticing the shittiness.

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A small correction. Bronstein (Trotsky) didn't coin the word "racist". However, he was the first to use it as a pejorative. He was referring to Poles that wouldn't subjugate their national identity to communism,

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In America there was the word racialism that existed long before racism. I don't even know what kind of stuff was associated with that archaic word. I would assume it was a natural by product of white kindness and compassion getting applied to niggers.

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The left is just a conglomerate of people united against a common enemy, which is white men but ultimately white people in general because the women will go down with the men.

Margarita and Shintanisha aren't paying attention to any of this shit. They just want the gibsmedats to keep on coming.

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Probably much bigger than that.

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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

                                                                    -Edmund Burke

We've all done nothing.

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@GumbyTM finally someone talking sense.

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Its in the bible

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Yeah, that Yahweh guy needs to be locked up.

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Between healthy winners and the sickest, most deviant losers.

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It seems that way because that is the message delivered by the media.

But is it true? Not exactly. The forces of good have majorly upset the evil agenda. Knocked the bastards off track if nothing else.

I see the actions as a response to the fact evil knows they are losing severely and they are quit desperate. The bear is cornered, and perhaps now most dangerous of all. They could do anything now, including WWIII. Why stop at merely burning the cities? Or biowarfare? They might try to burn the world.

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What do you think this plague shit is? It's the first stage of biowarfare.

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It is a coronavirus.

Also known as a cold.

Average age of death?






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I think so.

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evil people started the conflict. and they've attempted to prevent good people from defending against them, or even speaking against them. the evil people are ruthless terrorist liars, cheaters, hypocrites, etc. fairness, honor, etc. are meaningless to them. so they are at an advantage. but good people haven't even begun to defend themselves, because they are peaceful.
recently, truckers said they might not deliver to cities with communist mayors who allow rioters. and that's not even about politics. it's about safety. it could be an effective defense against the communists. and it's only 1 strategy.
if conflict was unavoidable, good people would easily banish the communists, including politicians. but there are peaceful defenses, such as the trucker's boycott, that should prevent conflict.

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Good news is you get to fight for freedom. And you thought your grandpa had all the fun.

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