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That is why I called it 'house arrest'.

Enjoy the new abnormal, and Sharia law, I mean mandatory mask-wearing!

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This is forever now. The government never rolls back its power.

The excuse offered to secure the passage of the 16th Amendment for the Income Tax was that it was only supposed to be a small tax to be more efficient than tariffs and wouldn’t be raised... it’s been raised over and over ever since. Many states would not have ratified it had they known this.

The welfare state began in the 1930s after the creation of the Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) program. It was originally supposed to be temporary aid for widows with children who were suffering. It only grew from there and created a massive dependent welfare class in this country.

The Patriot Act was passed following 9/11 as a means to “fight terrorism” and was only supposed to be temporary while we combatted the terrorists that attacked us. 19 years later Bin Laden is dead and it’s still around, more invasive than ever, and all the government now has to do is label you a terrorist and your rights are gone.

These Covid policies are offered up as “temporary measures to protect us from the virus.” But they’re not going away. First it was just for “15 Days to Flatten the Curve” and it keeps getting extended indefinitely. Now it’s “until there’s a vaccine.” But anyone with deductive logic can see where this is going. There will be excuse after excuse to keep these measures in place until people just willingly accept them as “the new normal.” Should this country still exist in 18 years, you’ll have teenagers voting who grew up their whole life wearing masks, social distancing, being subject to random, politically-motivated lockdowns to silence dissent and crush opposition, and never knowing any of the freedoms we had before.

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Welcome to the Peoples Republic of America

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I remember back in the days in college we were all laughting at the chinks for being ant people blindly believing masks was benefical to them instead of just being use when you are spitting sickness ourself or for the nurses and doctors who need to work in a sterelized environment. Everybody would quickly understand what an imune system was about, that it was a bad thing to over aseptize a society outside of hospital where it is required for operations and recovery. Now the same old friends have all jumped in the bandwagon because of fear. Fucking pathetic.

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What society looks like after generations of social distancing.

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Nah, the mask mandate won't be forever. Everyone will be forced to be vaccinated then they will lift the mandate.

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When I heard the "rules" Melbourne had to adhere to i basically said they are in jail against their will. 1hr of approved exercise a day in the yard.

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The government has officially declared that everyone is sick.

Hooray! It's the end of tyranny!

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I was about to comment that. Now it isn't just the sick or vulnerable, it's the potentially sick and potentially vulnerable, which means everyone.

It's the worst kind of tyranny: the one done for the stated benefit of the oppressed. God help us.

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You are sick and must be 'cured'.

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This is a dumb argument. Quarantine controls movement of people who are suspected of being sick. Isolation is when you restrict movement of sick people. Source.

Just like BLM protesters, holding a sign seems to be a universal signal for someone who has low IQ.

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None of us are sick, idiot, the tests are fake.

"Asymptomatic carriers" my ass.

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alternative facts

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Yeah. Even then. Asymptomatic carriers are a reason to wear a condom not shut down a country.

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There's no reason to call him an idiot, let's be civil. And normally I would agree that this is overreach, but technically you're still free to go out and not wear a mask. You won't get thrown into jail for not wearing a mask.

The tests are not fake, but they definitely are faulty. They have tons of problems, false positives and false negatives, and they need to be fixed. It's obvious that they were rushed in an effort to combat the coronavirus.

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Quarantine lasts for 40 days, when their was sickness or suspected on a ship in port.

One does not assume the entire fucking world is sick, nor can you extend quarantine over and over at will (in states with dem govs). That is house arrest.

If you are a feeble, sickly person with an immune problem, you need to stay home and keep yourself healthy. Good luck.

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Submission: when the people go along with it.

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It is absolutely about compliance and nothing to do with safety.

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we must rise up.

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Welcome to Voat!

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'Quarantine' comes from a rule about delaying ships coming into harbor as a precautionary measure.

Sehdev, Paul S. (2002). "The Origin of Quarantine". Clinical Infectious Diseases. 35 (9): 1071–1072

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What do you call that two weeks or so of the incubation period, where you're running around infecting everybody, gods justice?

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The "logic" applied to justify lockdowns and masks could equally be applied to every single cold and flu season from now until the end of time. I hope you are prepared to wear a mask for the rest of your life.

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