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Who wants to look at a black cheerleader anyway? It's like a retarded supermodel.

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Here's the ugly nigger with her nigger mom

They are just looking for a payday

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Is that a fucking mutant!?

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What the fuck is that thing?!

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Look how white the little nigger tries to be. There is no appeasement.

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Every cheer squad needs a practice flyer for warm-up. One that you don't mind dropping here and there, usually one with exceptionally low IQ because of the potential for noticeable brain damage. She was a natural.

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Like Chrissy T?

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I think she used that as an excuse to quit. Those white girls are healthy and attractive. There is no way that gorilla can complete.

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Trying to hit a ghetto lottery.

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They should have told she was only their token nigger anyway.

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Now they need a new one or funding will be cut. They'll probably end up with a gay black male.

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Don't worry, they still have one left.

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I'm Scottish. I don't rage quit every time I see a Union Jack.

[–] toasterleavins ago 

Well I hope not, since that's not a similar comparison. I'm sure she, and American whose ancestors fought a war against the British wouldn't quit over a Union Jack either. A more apt example would be a jew rage quitting because they wore a swastika.

Is that too hard for you to understand? Of course it is. I bet your IQ is lower than nigger IQ. Do you have velcro shoes?

[–] Pointyball ago 

The genocidal oppression of my Scottish ancestors extends well before the revolution. Your lack of knowledge of history is shocking. You resort to an Ad-Hominem attack on me because you have no reasoned response. I don't get triggered by such attacks, just like I din't get triggered by a flag

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That's good, now nothing will be stolen if they travel to a.competition.

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I really wish I never had to hear a voice of colour ever again. I wonder if they really realize that lots of people will hang every last one of them.

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https://archive.ph/wip/wV2qv :

2020-08-07 | Black cheerleader quits after squad poses with Confederate flag shirt

'Six white Alabama high school cheerleaders posed with a Confederate flag T-shirt, extolling their love for “redneck boys,” prompting a black teammate to quit, according to a report. '

'It was almost like everybody was reading a script.”Some two weeks after the photo was posted, Coleman quit the team when she showed up for the first day of practice. '

'So I knew this couldn’t go unheard about. '

'She said the school needs to take action as support for her petition calling for her teammates to be disciplined over the photo grows.“I feel like we’re at a time where black voices are being heard,” she told WKRG. “We’re being felt, we’re being seen. '

'I am not trying to ignite hate on these girls, I just simply want everyone to see what Daphne High School allows.”Coleman’s mother, Latitiah, said she got an unclear response from school administrators when she contacted them to address the photo.“I went from the coach to the principal, from the principal to the superintendent,” she told WKRG. “And I kept getting vague answers. '

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