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NBA,MLB,NFL,NHL,NASCAR..........what else can niggers ruin? There is not a single thing in the world that niggers haven't destroyed. Including schools and govt

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You mean Jews via niggers

[–] Mind_Games 5 points 49 points (+54|-5) ago 

No niggers ruin it. Jews are the ones who push them where they're not wanted.

You have to make and know the distinction between the two.

Niggers have ruined everything they've either stolen or were thrust into (places they didn't belong) everything from music ,to dance, language, culture, sports, and everything in between , around, and near them.

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If niggs werent so god damn retarded, the jooooos would need to find a new patsy

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Just imagine if all them resources, money and energy had simply ignored the endless free gibs nigger blood sucking reality and had gone purely to designated deserving Whites.

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that's called the road to utopia.

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Imagine having sent them all the fuck back to Africa after we freed them. Heaven on earth.

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How many neutron bombs would be needed to wipe out Africa’s nig population?

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I'm not sure what you mean kind sir? So you're saying that by throwing a handful of shit on an entire group of people and their way of life (south, civil war) then washing the shit off their faces by pissing on them (reconstruction) and then taking one of the final links to their culture (stars & bars) and banning it from one of the last bastions of their way of life (NASCAR) and naming a mystery meat half breed mutt an historically southern redneck name (bubba) is going too upset people? I'm sorry sir I just don't see the connection!

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historically southern redneck name (bubba)

And put him in the historic NASCAR team car STP #43 painted Petty blue. NASCAR ratings were already at all time lows. 1998 they were at all time highs, then 911 happened. No more Winston Cup (cigarette nazis), no more coolers in the stands, tickets jump to 90 per, glass of beer 10 bucks, families quit going, tour busses stopped, the traditional midways stopped, etc...

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These people are really grasping at straws, right?

Now - for the Daytona 500 opening act, Lady Gaga will be performing with Snoop Dog.

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It's basic latte drinking white girls in marketing departments doing this because they think twitter metrics are the real world. They are basically trained on social media only and when that isn't reflective of their market they proper fuck their companies.

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White girls dont work in marketing departments. Jewish girls do.

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there has to be someone that could have looked at this and said "get the fuck outta here, you are fired" but they did not so fuck em.

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The ridiculous confirmation bias with these people is completely lost on them and fuck Twatter

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Their goal has been accomplished. Eliminate anything and everything that unites white people. It's a good tactic and it's working.

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I can see where one might think that. I have to wonder if they are just creating a void...a void that will get filled other ways. I've always said to Europeans who make fun of Amercian football, "Leave it alone. Its an outlet for our war instinct."

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Went to the cities on business last week, ended up going to a range I'd gone to a few times a year for 20 years now...

Prior to last week I'd never seen more than 5 people in the place at once (not including employees). This is a pretty small town...around 5,000 people in it. This time ? I had to wait just to get in. Yep they were doing the 6 feet thing between groups..we stayed together and let others ahead of us have their space (even though our group and theirs laughed about the stupidity)

...when we got in ,we were told , that every lane was rented for the current hour (which was never done on time before) and that the next hours lanes were full to (and the people in the waiting area were all standing around just chatting).

Must've been 100 people in the place. Outside they just kept coming to....lots of young kids (under 21) including a group

of 4 nignogs...I couldn't believe it....but there it was.

The only thing I'm seeing "united" today is America's disdain for the "other side" of their political beliefs. We're

absolutely united in our beliefs that "our side" is justified and right.

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The UN stooge Jordan Peterson came right out and said White men shouldn't hang around each other. The cult members never have original ideas or thoughts.

Their only goal is to destroy Whites, all Whites, and those fucked in the head liberal White girls better stop thinking that feminist bullshit is for them, it is not. They'll be utterly useless to the cult soon enough and the Karen bullshit will mutate, escalate and grow horns and they'll be replaced, ridiculed, abused and shunned..

I prefer a war against all multinational corporations and the UN. Under that banner, the jew tag doesn't turn anyone off and it captures so very much of the aggressors.

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Do you have a link to Juden Peterson saying this? Need to red pill some JP friends.

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Was going to say basically that: Frankfurt ideology wins either way here. Either another means to cuck the masses and make money or destroy another American institution.

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You mean they think they've won. They're going to take away all our past times and we'll have nothing to think about but race...

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WTF is with the SoyBoy open mouth niggerfaggot in a firesuit?

Also, tip for headline: Nascar ratings CRASH!

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People pay to watch corporate logos speed around a circle.

Edit: I've been informed they speed around and oval. But I don't give enough of a fuck to correct it.

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My fam will never give another penny top NASCAR. We all decided. Fuck them all. and this is sad because I really enjoyed going to some of the races. oh well. Time to focus on reclaiming 'Murica

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Go after the sponsors who purchase race baiting sporting events.

Don't boycott. Go after what they love.

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Gave up nfl few years back after being a season ticket holder, first season is the hardest after that it’s all a fucking joke

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I'll support my local small tracks where I race but never NASCAR again.

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Get woke, go broke in action.

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People have short memory span though. They'll likely go back to watching sportsball and racecar in a few weeks.

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I doubt that,,,

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If he shut his mouth and raced well nobody would give a fuck. But this octoroon knew his only real shot at fame was not talent but milking the shit out of his bit of melanin.

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I had never heard of Bubba Wallace or Jussie Smollett until they tried the fame-by-racism angle. That shows how "talented" they are.

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Me neither.

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that black faggot needs to be nigger dragged around the circuit for a full race

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that black faggot needs to be nigger dragged around the circuit for a full race, every race.

[–] New-World-Ebola 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

pretty sure the tar demon would be fully disintegrated after the 3rd lap

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He’d probably rape you in a fight tbh.

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and you base this on what evidence?

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