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I have seen this video being shared by literal boomers on instagram.

The usual "Trump supporter" boomers. I was actually shocked, because he very clearly names the jews. This came as a big surprise to me and put a smile on my face.

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The media would have you believe that everyone is as subservient to jewry as they are.

Don't believe their lies.

According to wikipeadia, "The Trump administration has given Wiles's website press credentials on several occasions."

If the jews had the kind of influence on Trump that the "blackpilled" always claim, this would not have been possible.

Besides, if that were the case, we would've invaded Syria and Iran the moment he took office, to satiate the bloodthirst of the kikes, and Netanyahu in particular.

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The bombing of the empty airfield and the refusal to engage Turkey made it clear to me Trump isn't jew controlled and that he understands the need for restraint in some cases.

The zion-Don people are usually agitprop or blackpillers trying to make it seem hopeless. I don't engage agitprop because I think having a vocal extreme right is good but blackpillers can be shut down by asking for solutions. If they have none or recommend abstaining from voting they out themselves as shills.

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The jews are terrified of Trump. Its good that people here arent afraid to question him, but i would bet you he actually appreciates that trait.

The majority of the blackpiller goats you see here are flat out mossad agents.

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In one of the many books written about Trump lately, it was said that he's almost too aware of who is and who isn't a jew in his administration

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This is why I would say Q is a good thing and did his job. Got people to start looking into things they would have disregarded, and then its only a matter of time.

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You must be very young. This Bolshevik propaganda worked in Russia to divide the young against the old. Look how that worked out for the Russians. Before World War 2, there was no such thing as a generation gap. It was devised for the sole purpose to divide. It worked in the 60s and (((they))) are using it again. There is no such thing as a generation gap. It's (((devil's))) work and the most ridiculous thing that young people fall for. WWG1WGA

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The truth gets out eventually. Controlled opposition only works for so long.

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Excuse me sir, but they screw little boys, too.

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Kek ... like yeah I think you missed half the torture and rape. And btw, I think they like boys better than girls ... well the Obama / Muzzie types anyway

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Pizzagate lingo: "with hotdogs"

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And (((they))) screw almost every little boy out of his foreskin.

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I want my foreskin back you hook nosed kikes

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young and old boys and girls

SRA Electronic Harassment

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good man.

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This guy is awesome

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And he sadly will be suicided like AVICII.

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AVICII was arkancided? explain

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Who is he

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Rick Wiles of TruNews

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Who the fuck is this guy? Besides my new best friend? Name?

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That’s a really nice way to say it - I say this every other day to anyone around with less subtlety.

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In late July 2020, Wiles urged President Trump to use “billions of hollow-point bullets” against Black Lives Matter protestors in Portland, Oregon to put down the "insurrection".

I'm starting to like this guy!

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Does anyone know who this is?

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will be checking this site out! thanks

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