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After you don’t interact with police for a while you start feeling bad for them. Then you get pulled over or something and they try to scare you into letting them search your car and you remember, right, fuck these people.

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all cops are faggots. melbourne cops in Aus are literal jew puppet stasi.

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Aussy cops? That's surprising considering every Australian I've ever met has been really chill. But I guess cops are cops wherever they are.

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The sky is blue

Water is wet

The only good pig is a dead pig

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the pro cop movement on here was so pathetic and ungoat like.

I am so tired of these faggot cops pulling me over for being sexy and for being envious of the cars& bikes I build.

I don't speed, rob, sell drugs. I just drive.

and it drives these faggots insane.

especially if you are young and white, then you BETTER not go have a good time.

now you are "priviledged" for working your ass off and getting some toys.

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Seriously what is up these cunt pigs asses about driving modified sports cars here, enforcing bullshit faggot traffic violations just makes everyone hate them even more

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Hey, haven't seen you around in a while. Completely agreed, just because left-tard assholes are being shitty to the cops for made up reasons, doesn't mean that there isn't very good reason to be shitty to asshole cops.

[–] TripleZ ago 

Do you ask them for dick pics?

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"I know it problem for him, but it problem for us. We refugee. Where we go, huh?"

I don't care where you go. Greece is not your land. GET THE FUCK OUT! Go back and fight the fucking jews. They're the ones who caused all these problems. SWARM ISRAEL AND KILL THE FUCKING ASHKENAZIs. You outnumber them 6 million to one.

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israAID dumped them there

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The globalists are going to go down in history as the most venal psychopaths that ever lived.

They created the refugees specifically for their global megalomania plans, and they didn't care how many people they killed, and uprooted and displaced to do it.

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you misspelled Jews

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Four year old video, since then they've burned and destroyed entire olive groves and other farmland.

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greece is properly fucked now

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Camp Refoogee from American Dad exists!

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=5bGb9hHW8jE :

Greece: Farmer PLOUGHS land where refugees are living in tents - YouTube

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Go back to fucking Syria and fight for your country.

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I guess Golden Dawn wasn't the evil racists! that everyone touted them to be in 2008 huh? Maybe they were just "nationalists"?

Come on you ex-cockslurping npcs, admit you reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee'd when you thought of Greek people not wanting nigrants to enter their country............

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