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If the Holocaust was so fucking bad we wouldn't be having 90% of the problems we face Today

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Such a missed opportunity.

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It's all falling apart for them now. The Blacks know.

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don't add capitals for niggers. White, black, but nigger is more true.

[–] DerJudenfresser ago 

Don't capitalize jews either.

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"For the past six years, Rabbi Feingold has waged a struggle with the authorities and with the landowners to allow him to search for the remains of the bodies and remove them. The landowner refused, and the community waged a legal battle against him in which they lost. Eventually, they were able to reach an agreement with him and the community took ownership of the land."

Took ownership? Went from, can we look around your land, to took ownership.

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The most jewish thing I've read today.

[–] BlkRifleCoffeeCancer ago 

A lot of shekels were slent up front to get a recurring on the backend. It is all about getting jew customers and the recurring fees.

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No documents to prove the holocaust found anywhere ever. But they decided to put a sign over the door of that cellar in Ukraine to say that nazis did this to these jews.

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And the Holodomor?

Who was Yagoda ?

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Head of the NKVD, smug kike that slaughtered 30 million innocent Ukrainians?

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The jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.

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In high school we had a "survivor" come in. I asked about holomodor and he got super defensive amd was like "THST WAS ALL JEWS TOO"

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Did you also ask him if in his imagination it was real?

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I wasnt red pilled at all back then but my digging into history on my own was in its infant stages.

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Rabbi Feingold kvetching about the remains was the best part.

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