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Isn't this sort of a back-fire for the UN Agenda 21, which was to get everybody into population centers and let nature reclaim the land? Looks like many people (that can) are leaving the cities for the suburbs and rural areas.

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"Globalism" eliminates nationalism. Which is the political extension and logical conclusion of patriarchial authority.

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Yeah so they can manage the trade... that's why they are placed in Is-ra-el... center point for global trafficking

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Dumb as fuck.

The straight up kike-ing of the FED did it. When Paul Volker came in as FED chair he started cutting treasury bill interest rates. Why does this matter? Because the participants of “the market,” started to have to find more and more risky assets to pile money in to too gain some form of yield that beats inflation. This put pressure on american companies to outsource labor costs to boost share price and lock in dividend payments.

End the (((FED))), end our problems