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We eat chicken liver at least once a month and I buy braunschweiger for sandwiches or fry slices of it for breakfast with eggs.

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I'll have to try chicken liver next.

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You can make an excellent pâté with chicken livers, cream cheese and a little bacon.

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You have to put a strip or two of bacon in the pan first, it really makes the liver taste awesome.

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I worked in an old folks home for a year or so, as a cook. Saddest job I ever had.

However, there were a grip of them that absolutely LOVED liver and onions. The smell of cooking put me off, but I tried some - it's not bad, if done right, but that goes for most things.

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I have a similar story. 30 years ago I cooked at a place called MCL cafeteria. I worked meats. On liver and onions day the seniors would come out in droves. Cooking sheet tray after sheet tray of liver put me off it for a long time. Til just now actually. But it is nutrient dense and cheap as hell.

So, I guess this wasn't the FIRST time I've made it.The first time I made it for myself to eat. Bad title, too late to edit, F it

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I love liver and onions done right. When I was a kid in the 50s in rural N.Calif that was treat for our family with 10 kids. Most often we had rice and beans, and veggies we grew in the back yard. Very few restaurants have it on their menu, and it usually grosses people out when I order it.

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Ever wonder why most predators start consuming a kill through it's abdomen/bowels first?

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The movie Jeremiah Johnson was based on a real person they called 'Liver Eating Johnson'. Story was when the indians came after him he would kill them and eat their liver.

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I may have over cooked mine. At least the small piece I ate (I was a little leery of the stuff so I went w that small piece) was probably just a little over done. I'll have it again at some point and get better at it,and probably find a better recipe as well. I think I remember there being bacon in it as well, which this recipe didn't have.

I think it sees popularity when times are hard because it's very cheap yet nutritious. I think it was here at Voat that someone once told me it was so nutrient dense.When I looked it up I was shocked.

Now I have to figure out a good way to use the leftovers. Reheating it much will cook it even more...

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I cant stand the smell kidney and liver leave when cooking indoors, though I guess I've never tried the bbq. I prefer picking up kidney and liver meat pies from the local British shop, woman makes a good pie and they dont smell nearly as bad when popped in the oven.

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Organ meats are the healthiest part of almost any animal.

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I was blown away when I looked up the numbers for liver. Incredible really. Just packed dense w nutrients.

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Cut liver into strips and then roll into a roll. Wrap the Liver roll in thick cut lean wood smoked Bacon slices and secure the bacon with shaved bamboo tooth picks. (bamboo is tasteless so it won't effect the flavor and cheap on amazon.) Add in the onions, (Maui Sweets, Vidalia Sweets, Texas Sweet, or Walla Walla Sweets. They don't have the sulfuric punch of regular onions and won't make you cry.) some bell peppers, red peppers, and some mushrooms and fry in olive oil. Dish has a good presentation and is tasty. May quickly become a favorite.

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That sounds pretty tasty really. I'll save your comment for later.

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If you soak it in milk for while first it takes that tang, if you will, out of it and that helps. Also, you can cut it up into tiny pieces and freeze them. Then you just swallow them like a pill, as many as you need. If you can't stand the taste or texture. Still get all of the nutritional benefits.

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Yeah I did the milk soak.That recipe recommended that to remove bitterness.

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