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The Third Reich was the last Christian empire.

Sad to see it go... It'll come back.

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The jews lie, lied, are liars, beggars and thieves.

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You're just going to ignore the socialist part of the nazis..? Fuck you, ya commie bastard! They didn't go far enough!

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Looking at the current media environment is all the evidence I need to lead me to the conclusion that the Holocaust is a lie.

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@Deadbeat and @User890020 are low iq.

Lurk moar and learn, nigger.

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I actually want a tattoo for the first time in my life.

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You would destroy your God-given White skin for some vain aesthetic that won't look right in 30 years, if that long?

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Obvious degeneracy promoting nigger blue glow sharer is obvious. If only every pro white could be Derek Vinyard in American History X, Oy Vey!

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Don’t do it