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old news

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The people of Oregon are fucking pathetic.

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It's honestly not even the majority of us. Portland makes all these stupid fucking rules for this state and Kate brown ignores everything.

If you live in Portland, we fucking hate you. Ruining really God damn great land.

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News always reports "Man bites dog", cause it makes money. They got a lot of push back for this throughout the State, so this isn't a thing anymore.

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Well that's about as blatantly unConstitutional as it could be. I guess if they get their jollies off by passing unenforceable edicts, that's their business, though.

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Imagine believing the Constitution matters.

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The only amendment they care about is the anti slavery one which they use to enslave white people in service of others.

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Old news, OP. That decision was reversed over a month ago.

And of course, being Oregon, they didn't reverse it because it was a fucking retarded exemption with no rational or sane basis to even hope excusing it. No. They reversed it because "it could actually make niggers get hated more."

"We didn't change this because it was fucking retarded. We did it for Social Justicetm to protect our pets!"

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I could have sworn they reverted that exemption after it became widely known and criticized?

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They did.

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Thye keep giving colored people special treatment with COVID.

You can protest, you don't have to wear a mask!

And then they wonder why a bad flu that can be stopped by just washing your hands and not living like a dirty third world peasant, let alone wearing a mask, is showing up stronger in black communities.

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Evidently Oregon hates niggers.

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They want to kill the black population in their country...

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I remember back when this happened. OP should eat a bag of dicks for posting old shit.

But still worth pointing out:

People of color who have heightened concerns about racial profiling and harassment due to wearing face coverings in public" are exempt from the rule.


Other exemptions include children under the age of 12 and people with particular medical conditions or disabilities.

Sooooo... same demographic?

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