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Asking permission to use your rights, based! Did they allow her to drive on the roads too?

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fuck you talking about? Who asked permission?

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He's highlighting the absurdity of the notion that you need to get permission to carry a tool to defend yourself from the millions upon millions of violent criminals/bandits whom we allow to live in our country.

"My King, your Grace, I come before your court today to beg of you a favor. I have heard tell of towns neighboring mine of roving bandits! They slaughter, rape, and steal voraciously! They are armed and armored with stolen or looted weapons- spears, axes, even some well-made crossbows! Latest news is that they are moving west, towards my town's vital trade road- this will be a disaster!"

"So your Grace, I present myself to your court to beg your permission to arm my town's populace with simple weaponry, that we may defend ourselves from these monstrous beasts in your Great name!"

King: "lol ur gay, gtfo of my court fag"

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You know it's clown world when niggers don't ask permission to carry, but White people do.

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They are saying we shouldn’t have to get a license or a permit for something that is an inherent natural right

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I already have a license to carry, it's enumerated in the Bill of Rights. It was endowed within me by my Creator.

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Hey guy, you shouldn't be so specific with the type of license. "LTC" gives away which state you're in.

For other goats who want to talk about their concealed carry permits for any reason... just use that phrase, "concealed carry permit/license". That seems to be the general, catch-all/state encompassing term that will not reveal any personal info about yourself.

[–] SkippyMcSkipperson [S] ago 

Good point. I appreciate it

[–] PriMerovingian ago 

ccw is what it is called in CA

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Now I know what state you're in! lol good for you though.

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Good job!

[–] DirtyQews ago 

or...manufacture your own because i'm an adult and fuck the government?

that wife of yours is gunna search for real talent soon.

[–] SkippyMcSkipperson [S] ago 

OK tough guy

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I convinced her to give me head, faggot...