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Sterilization. Don't want to drop the work force that drastically. Want to ease into it. Start with sterilization, then have a really expensive drug that will aid fertility. Slowly drop population and only allow selected people to breed.

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I doubt it will kill, they are smarter than that. It's more likely that it sterilizes people. They are playing the long game.

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If I was a strategist like them I'd make sure the first vaccine be benign (as as benign as they can make it) to establish the precedence for future vaccines after another "plandemic". In the meantime, they are setting up more surveillance of what you buy and even are creating digital passports, anti-hoarding laws and tracking metals in my area. What it seems like they want right now is to get everyone used to quarterly DNA tests which will be connected to a digital travel certificate (attached to digital money). The DNA tests are a shopping list for elites who may call in for your organs. The future will be basically a bunch of locked in healthy organ bags in a benevolent prison (essentially preserved organs and blood). A later round of vaccine will be to off the ones who's organs they don't want or who aren't willing to to go work camps.

Just what it all seems to correlate to anyway. I agree with you about the 90% genocide, but I suspect it won't be for a year or two, but will come fast with more clown world changes. They will most likely employ a genocide where the victims all take care of themselves like one of those revolving switch box mouse traps.

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Ya think?

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Targetless genocide, is to the disadvantage of the ruling class. Oligarchs need consumers, and political parties need votes.

All political power is derived through the populous, all rulers need subjects, and are nothing without them.

Systemic and cultural predation through legal, financial and educational systems does the job fine.

Financial terrorists and tyrants have already figured out their business model.

They are already upon you.

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They’ll kill the niggers first.

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They’ll kill the niggers first.

Ask yourself who's most likely to take the "free" government vaccine.

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Niggers and tamale turds.

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90%? Too good to be true.

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Somehow I don't think the people who want to wipe out 90% of the world population give a rat's ass about cities of rotting flesh. They won't live there anyway.

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