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Is it just me or does it feel like the media has been more coordinated in the last five years since Trump got elected than ever? Maybe someone can correct me if I'm wrong but it feels like this sort of story would have at least some sort of traction even 10-15 years ago as it's pretty scandalous. WTF

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almost all the shit on news channels isn't even news. It's pundits ranting about shit.

It isn't journalism anymore. They know they can get people to watch if they just run talking heads all day. This kind of headline would scare even republicans because they would have to admit there is something going on.

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Try counting how many times you hear




Black Lives Matter


Then try it with:






The scale might be one sided

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So true, I've tried to share OAN with relatives which has way less talking heads than Fox News but they need those heads to tell them things, oh and the fear laced dopamine hits from the Fox news alerts. Ughh

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It's not news at all. All the anchors/commentators are trained and paid actors - taught to read from a teleprompter in front of lights and cameras. I's no different from a movie actor who has to memorize lines in front of lights and cameras.

"News" these days is a never ending soap opera. If we just think of it this way, we'd be less addicted to it and shut it off.

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TV changed for several reasons, including FCC decisions to allow a handful of corporations to own all the "public" broadcasting, and anti-propaganda regulations being overturned. Now it's perfectly legal for anti-US propaganda, eg. from China or Israel, to be broadcast over the "public" airwaves.

The switch to "'digital" broadcasting (2009?) was the dividing line. Even in today's internet society, broadcast TV is still the standard by which millions of Americans get all their beliefs.

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I've never heard of an anti-propaganda being overturned, how did they manage to sneak that in no questions asked? What sort of jewish wordsmithery they use

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I don't think that's true anymore, but even in today's internet society, alt-news still don't have the clout of those authorative clothes-stands.

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Rush Limbaugh does montages of several different t news outlets saying the exact same thing, word-for-word. His argument is, it makes sense that news agencies would cover the same stories but to have different writers with different minds and different perspectives to come up with the exact same wording is almost impossible. News isn’t created by normal folk anymore. It is crafted and written by someone/something and everyone is forced to say the same thing. It’s just weird that the most popular news sources seem to be most guilty of this phenomenon.

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CIA/MOSSAD writes the news

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If the news isn't against Trump, it's not newsworthy for the msm.

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Perhaps the people who own most of the news media also visited that island ...?

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Well they definitely have no morals or ethical integrity. They display that for all to see 24 hours a day. It would be stupid not to think they aren't baby rapers, they have all the personal traits consistent with pedos.

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Why hasn't Bill Barr sorted it out so he's prosecuted? Never mind the MSM. He should be in jail. And not "soon" or any of thst shit. Right now. This isn't new evidence, we knew about it 10 years ago

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Barr’s dad and Epstein have some kind of creepy connection at a school where Epstein left under questionable circumstances ,then barr wrote a pedo fantasy sci-fi Book. https://nypost.com/2019/08/16/jeffrey-epstein-conspiracy-theorists-peddling-sci-fi-novel-written-by-ag-william-barrs-late-dad/

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Hi, sorry, but that is fake news. Look into it further. Barrs father was strict, and was forced out of that school by the schoolboard. Months after he left Epstein was hired, dress codes were relaxed, and the school seemed to change its atmosphere quite a bit.

I've seen this story presented by Antifa types very regularly so I looked into it. I really don't see any connection whatsoever between Barrs father and Epstein. They weren't even employed at the school at the same time. It's a huge huge stretch. And let's be real, the NYPost writes some nonsense articles...

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cause the media is the enemy

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The msm is complicit.

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I first read that as 'media is the tranny'...that would have worked too I guess

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not exactly news we've known for years

[–] ShadowHelp ago 

Exactly. The people that care have known for years, and the people that don't know, will never care.

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Because the jew flu runs the news as a cover-up for all that bullshit.

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One can only be surprised if they're still clinging to old fashioned notions that the media is a source of information.

The media is an extremist fanatical religious cult that wants you dead and your issue wiped from the earth. They aren't trying to hide it. Accepting what you see with your own eyes can be difficult.. Denial is just delaying the preparations for war against them,

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Two sets of rules. Laws for the proles. Anything goes for the connected criminal families.

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