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The best response yet that I have heard for "conspiracy theory" is to ask....

Can you tell me the difference between Organized Crime and Conspiracy Theory?

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Or to ask them where the term 'conspiracy theory' originated.

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That only makes them see you more crazy. I have never been successful with that one.

They organized crime one works much better. Just speaking from experience.

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One is within the realm of imagination and the other is not. It would be Organized Crime to say that police fill their pockets by writing people speeding tickets but it would be a Conspiracy Theory to say that they grind up kangaroos and add their liquid meat to our drinking water so that our testicles shrink.

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Describing the "how" something is done is what triggers the conspiracy theory label.

Avoid it.

Just say the what, and you can redpill the masses more easily.

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Can you tell me the difference between politics and organized crime?

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That fat piece of shit (((alex jones))) succeeded in his mission to destroy the credibility of anyone questioning the narrative by making 'conspiracy' a bad word to normies.

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I hate to be the one to tell you this but 'conspiracy' was a bad word to normies long before Alex Jones was a thing.

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What I tell people is "So you think I can come up with this shit, but billionaires, with 100s or 1000s of people working for them, can't come up with this?"

[–] foltaisaprovenshill ago 

Another way is to refer to proven conspiracies that normies thought were crazy only a decade or two ago.

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Conspiracy deniers be like: "I don't believe in conspiracies!"

[–] El_Syd ago 

Add a third person and it will inevitably fall apart.

[–] AngryInVirginia ago 

This is a Jew\Woman\Autism level wordplay argument.

[–] FridayJones ago 

The feds convict literally thousands of people of Conspiracy every year.

[–] dassaer ago 

Cohencidence theory, goyim !!! ....

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